June 12, 2024

Four Ways to Get More Out of Your Subaru

If you own a Subaru, you know just how special these cars are. They’re safe, reliable, and hold their value for a long time. No other car comes close to their safety and reliability record in their price ranges, and when people buy on Subaru, they tend to stick with the brand for life. In June of 2018 alone, nearly 60,000 Subaru vehicles were sold in America, and a lot of those sales were of the Subaru WRX, which has long been valued as an excellent, reliable, and powerful entry-level sports car. If you love your Subaru performance and want to get as much out of it as possible, you want Subaru aftermarket parts that can take your already great Subaru WRX STI and make it perfect.

Make Your Tires Amazing

Before you do anything to your Subi’s engine with Subaru aftermarket parts, get the basics right. Never, ever, ever go cheap on your tires. Ever. Your tires affect everything you car does from braking to accelerating to cornering. If you live in an extreme climate, have two sets of tires for different temperatures so you’re always getting the most out of your car no matter what the engine is like.

Help Your Engine Breathe

There are some fairly simple and not too expensive Subaru aftermarket parts you can use to make your Subi breathe more easily. A reflash of the car’s ECU boosts pressure and gives you just a bit more torque without requiring any modifications. Spend a bit more to get rid of your stock exhaust and replace it with a larger turbo one. You can get Subaru aftermarket parts that won’t void your warranty, and just these two mods will make a big difference in dragging top performance out of your vehicle.

Fix The Driver

Now that you’re getting some extra speed and better handling from your Subi with the right tires and some simpler modifications, you have to face the fact that a lot of times what’s holding our cars back is actually us, not the car. There’s nothing you can do better than to get some time on a closed track and practice, practice, practice. The Internet is also full of advice and help on how to be a better driver. Don’t be too proud to be better. Improve your skill and make your Subi proud.

Serious Modifications

When you’re ready, there are some more Subaru aftermarket parts you can take a look at. There are better fuel pumps, front-mounted intercoolers, boost control, an external waste gate, and larger fuel injectors, all of which can push you up to 24 PSI. If you start doing all of that, though, it’s time to look at Subaru performance parts dealers for a better clutch!

There are even more Subaru STI performance parts, and there are more expensive things you can do to squeeze even more power out of your Subaru, but these should get you started. Do some basic tuning and modifying, make sure you’ve got the right tires, learn to be a better driver, and you’ll enjoy your Subi like you never have before.

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