July 21, 2024

Testing Different Auto Paint Protection Film Products

Ever wondered about how different auto paint protection film products hold up? In this video, the reporter and his crew demonstrate just how the different methods and techniques perform on a Tesla. To begin, the reporter goes into how they are going to divide up the hood of the car to test these products.

They put the film on one side of the car hood but left the other side unprotected. They did the same with the roof, coating one half with a special substance and leaving the other half as is.

Video Source

This setup helps them see and understand the results in real time. To check how well these protections work, they drove the car in tough winter conditions in Illinois for a month and a half. This hands-on test helps them see how the film and coating impact the car’s surfaces, giving a clear idea of how well they protect against the weather.

The observations demonstrated that the part with the ceramic-coated side was much cleaner than the bottom half. As for the difference between the coated side versus the protection film, the reporter states that the side with the protection film side looks darker and looks better than the non-coated side. From this experiment of coating vs non-coating and paint protection vs non-paint protection. It gives you an idea of how these products compare to each other.

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