June 12, 2024

4 Tips to Make the Most out of your Wine Tour

This country alone has more than 130,000 limousines with more than half of all limousine companies having fewer than five vehicles. This industry coupled with the taxi industry produces about $11 billion in annual revenue for the U.S. There are many uses limousine services including limousine wine tours. These tours are popular for a good reasons. Residents and tourists both enjoy a wine tour and it definitely makes for a memorable experience, if you follow a few simple tips. Read below to get some friendly helpful tips whether it’s your first tour or your fifth.


Before deciding on going on a wine tour and enjoying the best limousine service or other wine tour transportation companies or wine tour transportation services you should plan to eat a good meal. Whether at home or going out to eat food will be important. The alcohol levels can sneak up on you even when only sipping on a wine tour.

Bring Water

When enjoying wine tours you want to stay hydrated, especially since alcohol can dehydrate you quickly. Water will help keep you hydrated and not interfere with the taste of some wines. It is wise to try to drink the same amount of water as you do wine.

Smelly Good Stuff

A wine tour involves smelling and tasting wine, so you don’t want to interfere with the smell. Avoid perfumes because the smell could throw your sniffer off a bit. Also refrain from using scented lotions or sprays before going on a wine tour.


Temps can range form cool to cold to warm and hot. Consider this when dressing for a wine tour. Dress in layers that are easy to shed and carry should you get too hot. Wear comfortable shoes so that your feet don’t get sore and make sure they are closed toe to protect from dusty conditions.

Following these tips allows you to enjoy the tour and have fun without any unnecessary repercussions. This leaves more time to enjoy the tour and experience something new. A wine tour is a memorable moment and no two tours are the same, so soak in the experience, take pictures and remember these simple tips.

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