May 21, 2024

Why To Bring Your Damaged Cars To The Professionals

Auto glass repair

Many people prize their cars and take extremely good care of them. But even the best taken care of cars sometimes need a touch up and having those touch ups professionally done in a paint shop or auto body shop will often lead to the best, most long lasting results.

An auto body and paint shop can perform a number of services, from dent repair to glass repair to repair from weather related incidents, such as repair for hail damage. Almost 80% of cars are in need of some level of repair at any given time, and most, if not all, of these repairs can be done in an auto body shop.

There are many reasons that a care might need help from a paint shop or an auto body shop. For example, every year in the United States alone there are over 6 million car accidents and collisions. Rear end collisions are unfortunately very common, making up over 20% of car accidents every year. There were over 2 million rear end collision in 2014 alone. In the United States, a rear end collision happens every 8 seconds. With the recent uptick of distracted and inebriated driving, as well as speeding, motor vehicle accidents are more common than ever, with more damage happening than ever before as well. The vast majority of these motor vehicle accidents – 72% – result in some level of property damage. Auto body repair as well as paint repair in a paint shop is often needed after these accidents and collisions.

Weather also often necessitates a trip to an auto body shop and/or a paint shop. Extreme weather conditions like hail can cause dents and paint damage in cars, and sometimes even cracks in windows and windshields. Repairing dents from hail is something best done by professionals, as are the repairs of large cracks that sometimes necessitate a windshield replacement. More than half of windshield cracks are what is called a “long crack,” which means that it extends for more than twelve inches. This often means that the windshield must be replaced, as the crack is too extensive to simply be repaired.

No matter what level of damage your car has sustained, be it a dent from a hailstorm or more severe damage from a rear end collision, auto body repair shops and paint shops can help get your car back to looking like new. No matter how well you take care of and maintain your car, at some point it is still likely to need some level of professional maintenance in an auto body shop .

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