June 12, 2024

Cars Dirty and Disgusting

Car flooring

Cars. The word conjures up a feeling of freedom, at least back in the 1930’s. Today, cars are difficult machines that often have engineering issues. These issues can manifest as mechanical issues. Even further, the road can be a dangerous place. One of the dangers on a road are pollutants.

There are some statistics about pollutants on the road that are worth noting. They are:

  • Avoid following diesel cars or trucks, and use the carpool lane. Its air is 30 to 50% cleaner, thanks to no trucks or buses.
  • The environment inside your ride might be two to ten times more polluted than breezes over the freeway.
  • According to a survey, 95% of respondents are concerned about air pollutants within their vehicle.
  • The car is consistently dirtier than the home, having 17,000 times more bacteria, according to a study done by GAP Enviromicrobial Services.

And Americans spend a great deal of time in their car each day. Cars are often used to get to work, get to school, get around to places. While there is inner city transport, such as buses, cars are used by a good amount of Americans to get around. This is due to wealth, to be sure, but also because stores are spaced out a great deal, especially in the suburbs.

There are some statistics about the amount of time Americans spend in cars, along with other statistics that are worth noting in this article. They are:

  • Commuters say their average commute takes 26 minutes; the median is 20 minutes. Their worst commute can take an average of 46 minutes.
  • Americans say they spend an average of 87 minutes a day in their cars, but a median of 60 minutes.
  • A study from the Aston University in Birmingham found that the trunk, where you normally place all your groceries, contains about 850 bacteria.
  • A study by Charles P Gerba, a celebrity microbiologist, found greater numbers of bacteria in cars that carried children, and in places where drink or food had been spilled, because spillages provide food for bacteria. Surveys show that 70% of drivers eat or drink in their cars.

These are very serious issues. When a person is in a car, they are not active physically, possibly leading to an uptick in obesity rates in the country. There is also a great deal of bacteria in the car, which can lead to someone getting sick. A car and being in a car for long periods of time can affect the health of Americans.

And health is important. There are many studies that show that Americans have a poor quality of health. Obesity rates are high, which leads to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. These cause millions of deaths each year and rank in the top 10 leading causes of death in America, with heart disease being number one.

One of the ways to combat this, if someone is sitting in a car all day or sitting in an office, then driving a car, is to get more exercise where they can. Sometimes this means hitting the stairs at the office rather than taking the elevator. Sometimes this means getting a short workout in between breaks at the office.

There are many ways to do this. One possibility is bringing running shoes to the office so that a quick run could be made during the shift. Another possibility is to hit the gym right after going to work, which can help stimulate the muscles as well as prepare them for sleep at night.

Then there is the bacteria issue. The bacteria issue is important to note, as people can get sick from sitting in a car too long that has bacteria. A good thing to do, if this is an issue that affects the car owner, is to get the carpets replaced. Wiping down the windows and the dash console can also help.

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