May 21, 2024

What Does an Auto Body Technician Need to Know?

Auto body repair is a specialized area of the automotive industry, where auto body technicians use various tools to repair vehicles. Here’s what auto body technicians need to know.
Auto collision repair has become increasingly important over the last decade, with more cars built with advanced safety features.

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That means today’s auto repair technicians are often required to carry out complex repairs for vehicles.
An auto body technician fixes the damage done to vehicles caused by accidents, collisions, and vandalism. Understanding how the metal reacts when bent or damaged is the first step in collision repair. Repairing a bent auto body frustrates most technicians. That’s why many auto technicians perform work hardening to strengthen the material. Some vehicles have aluminum body panels, which behave differently than steel. Aluminum acts differently than steel. When it’s reshaped, it loses memory and takes a new shape. In contrast, steel keeps its original form after reshaping. As mentioned, this behavior frustrates many auto technicians when they repair cars.
Auto body technicians face many challenges in their work. However, learning to work hardening can enhance their skills and improve their performance.

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