June 12, 2024

Helicopter 101 Everything You Need To Know

The first controlled and sustained flight of an airplane was in December 1903 by the Wright brothers. As the years passed, they continued to become powerful and complex. Still, their design and functionality experienced various challenges, such as the need for a more extended runway to take off and land.
Fortunately, the invention of the helicopter solved such limitations. It operates on the idea of aerodynamic lift, which is an upward force that holds it in the air while opposing its weight.

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The main rotor wings of a helicopter are known as the airfoils. A chopper’s blades are specially crafted to provide lift; more particularly, they are curved on top and flattened at the bottom.
Because of the curved design, air flows more quickly over the top, lowering the air pressure directly above the blades. Under Bernoulli’s principle, a lift is produced as air passes over these wings because of their rapid rotation.
By producing more significant lift on one side, helicopters can turn in a specific direction. Essentially, they provide more exhilaration on the right when they need to travel left and vice versa.

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