June 12, 2024

Three Reasons Fast Car Videos Excite Viewers

Fast cars video

If you search for videos of fast cars on Google, about 192 million results come up. What is so fascinating to people about fast car videos? From NASCAR to movies like the Fast and the Furious, it is clear that people not only enjoy watching fast cars, but see it as a sport. Here are some reasons people might like super fast cars videos.

1. It is a lot safer to watch a video than be in the car yourself. Although NASCAR and other such races are surprisingly safe given the speed at which the cars are racing, this is in part because of safety measures including the HANS device SAFER barriers. NASCAR experienced only 8 deaths between 2000 and 2013. Many videos are of non professional drivers racing on normal streets, however, and these races tend to result in injuries and fatalities with much greater frequency.

2. Watching a video is a lot more legal. As noted, non professional drivers take great risks when they speed down roads not intended for racing, risking injury of themselves, passengers, and bystanders. The BBC notes that a teenage gang who stole and raced high performance cars filmed posted videos of themselves joyriding… and got caught due to their own footage. Is racing illegally worth the potential fines, loss of license, and increased insurance fees? Probably not.

3. The speed you can experience on a highway is exhilarating. As you go from stop to start, G forces push you back in your seat, and you can hear the engine working beneath you. There is a limit to how fast most of us can go with our normal cars and the roads we have to share with everyone else. Videos of fast cars give everyone the chance to live vicariously through drivers who move through space faster than most of us can imagine.

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