February 21, 2024

Selling Your Used Corvette? 3 Tips to Help You Do That

Sell my corvette

Do you have a Corvette? Many people love this kind of car. The first Corvette was produced on June 30, 1953. Since then, more then 1.5 million of them have bee manufactured. In 1977, the 500,000th was made and in 1992, the 100,000th. In 2009, the car hit 1.5 million. This is simply a beautifully made car. If you want to sell your Corvette, you will find a buyer. What is the best way to sell your Corvette?

1. Start by having your Corvette detailed.

If your Corvette is newer, you may be able to just get a really thorough cleaning done on your car. Of course, this includes washing the exterior and then having a thorough cleaning done on the interior of the car.

For older Corvettes or ones that have experienced some weathering, you should absolutely have a full detailing job completed on the car before you try to sell your Corvette. This detailing job should include a full wash, wheels, clay bar, a full polish, wax and dressings. The interior needs to be completely cleaned and the paint job should be corrected. This will run you between $250 and $400. Be careful about where you take your car. You need a good detailing job to be done. If you see detailing for less, you may want to take your car elsewhere.

Classic Corvette buyers will have an emotional connection with the cars they buy. The best way to elicit that is with the way the car looks.

2. Get all the documents from the servicing.

When you want to sell your Corvette, one of the first questions everyone from classic Corvette dealers to general Corvette buyers are going to ask is going to be “what kind of work has this car needed?” You will need to have all of your records from all of the servicing your car has had while you had it. This is just as much to show how well you have kept up with the maintenance of the Corvette.

As you work on selling your Corvette, if you gather all of the documents from the service centers where you have have maintenance or work done and then organize them, you can show would be Corvette buyers how well you have cared for your car.

Put together your spare keys and the owner’s manual and all of the other items you have for your car. Some Corvettes have the RPO codes in the glove compartment so if you are selling a C4, C4, C6 or a C7, you can still get the codes you need without having the actual sticker. You can also use the vehicle identification number (VIN) to get reports that you may not have.

3. Get photos taken of your Corvette.

Many people think that they can snap a few photos of their Corvette and use them to sell the car. Unless you are a professional photographer, you should hire one. In the first place, they use cameras that are much better. The second and more salient point is that professional photographers know how to take great images. When people have their homes photographed by professionals, the houses sell faster. The same can be said of luxury cars like Corvettes. If you are selling a Corvette, having great quality photos taken by a professional will pay for itself when you get a better price for your car.

The first question people ask themselves when they think, “I am going to sell my Corvette” is “how much should I charge for my Corvette?” That is a good question. You should check with the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) to get a decent price point for your car. There are some people who think that NADA sets the prices for Corvettes too high so you may want to check sites like eBay. You also may want to talk to the people who have serviced the card. How much would they sell the car for? How much do they think it is worth? The answer may surprise you.

Corvettes are classic, Americans cars. They embody the spirit of driving on America’s roads and are the epitome of luxury. Parting with a Corvette may be hard but these tips will help you sell yours.

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