April 14, 2024

Why a Family SUV is the Clear Choice For the American Family

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If a cherry red pick up truck is the definition of what it means to drive American, then the family SUV is a close second! Sport utility vehicles or SUVs have become an increasingly popular choice for American families since the early 1990s, and have gone on to replace the station wagon as a top choice for a family car.

Although new SUVs saw a drop in popularity during the Great Recession, they still remain a popular choice for families who want to enjoy passenger or cargo benefits of a minivan and the driving performance of a truck. And while fuel economy and emissions remain a top concern for car buyers and manufacturers, today’s new cars and SUVs are more fuel efficient and cost effective than ever. In fact, many SUV owners enjoy low costs of ownership that rival that of car owners.

Whether you plan on starting a family or growing your existing one, here are just a few reasons why the family SUV is the clear choice for the American family.

Safety first

Safety should be a top concern and priority for car buyers, and this is especially true for those who have families with young children. Because of their large size, weight, and handling abilities, a family SUV is far safer than a smaller passenger car. The structural integrity of a family SUV can withstand greater impacts with minimal damage compared to smaller cars. Furthermore, many SUVs feature an optional front grill that can provide even more protection against front impacts.

Performance and handling

True to their name a family SUV is sporty, and you can feel this in the way SUVs handle and perform in different road conditions. This is especially important for families that live in rural areas where roads may not be maintained or climates that experience inclement winter weather. A key feature of family SUVs is all wheel drive or four wheel drive, which provides increased traction and handling in challenging road conditions. And because of their added height, this increased visibility can help drivers respond to changing road or traffic conditions.


SUVs are designed to comfortable carry passengers, haul cargo, and tow. That’s a lot of bang for your buck! A family SUV is perfect for active families with student athletes or for families that enjoy traveling together. Second and third row seating increases the functionality of SUVs, and provides additional space for storage or seating as needed. The towing capacity of SUV rivals that of pick up trucks, and can be used to tow the family boat or camper.

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