June 12, 2024

What to Know When Buying a Used Car

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Purchasing a used vehicle can be a stressful experience. Along with all of the stresses that occur in a new car purchase–negotiating with a dealer, selecting a vehicle, dealing with salespeople, who are often aggressive, and making a purchase that will last a year–a used vehicle buying experience can test even the most able negotiators. Here are some reasons why.

Used vehicles…

  • Sometimes don’t have a vehicle history report
  • Vehicle problems may be ignored by the dealer

But many Americans are still considering purchasing a used vehicle and here are some reasons why.

  • Used vehicles often come at a lower cost than new vehicles
  • Used vehicles may come with better lease terms
  • Used vehicles, with proper maintenance, can still last years

In fact, the average age of a vehicle on the road in America is 11 years old. The National Automobile Dealers Association predicted a near 7% decline in used car prices from a little over $16,000 in 2014 to $15,000 in 2016. Used car dealerships as well are becoming more reputable, however slightly over time. There are some that even offer “certified” used car programs for newer used cars. They are usually up to three years old.

Here are some tips when making your used car purchase.

Know the History

When key issue in recent years with used car purchases has been the lack of knowledge about the vehicle. Without a credible vehicle history report, it is easy to purchase a vehicle that not only has the wear and tear but also may have an accident history and structural damage.

Fortunately when looking at used cars for sale, such as Used Cars in Waynesboro VA, it is possible to use a number of online databases to find a vehicle’s history report, which generally comes with a ‘stamp’ of credibility. For instance, Car Fax, a very popular used car database, typically gives a detailed history on the cars listed.

This can be used geographically to determine which used cars are in your general area. It is possible to do a search, such as Used Cars in Waynesboro VA, to get a good view of the used car lots or personal sellers in that area.

Making a good Google search as such Used Cars in Waynesboro VA can allow you to weigh all the information before making the leap into seeing a dealer.

Seeing the Vehicle In-Person

While many purchases can be done online or just through consumer reviews, buying a used car is a purchase that unless impossible should be done in person. That is for the following reasons:

  • Seeing the vehicle in-person allows you to drive the vehicle
  • Seeing the vehicle in-person allows you to ask the dealer questions
  • Seeing the vehicle in-person allows you to negotiate face-to-face

When purchasing a used vehicle, always remember to do as much research as possible to not just make a sound purchase but to be able to negotiate with the dealer having as much information.

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