July 21, 2024

What are the benfits of a new key fob?

Have you ever locked your keys in your car? This can be a very scary scenario if you have kids to pick up from school, your late for work, or don’t have a spare key. Today’s new key fob can be a better way to reduce the risk of locking your keys in your car. You will actually require pushing a button on the new key fob to lock the vehicle instead of the old push down button technique. The new technology available could pay for itself just by giving you piece of mind.

If you happen to find yourself walking to your car with your new key fob in your hand and come across a dangerous situation or someone snooping around your vehicle you can hit the panic button to set off the alarm. This could create the suspicious person to stop what they are doing and run or draw attention in case of any incidents. Another great advantage of a new key fob is the fact that you can unlock your vehicle quickly if you feel unsafe or rushed to get into your vehicle. No more fumbling with keys and trying to unlock your door.

Another great feature of the new key fob is the ability to have other features put into your fob. You can get the auto locksmith to create a fob that opens your doors, unrolls the windows, pops the trunk and more. With these simple features you can have your hands filled with groceries and still make it into your vehicle just by popping the trunk with your new key fob. Programming your new key fob is quite simple and a mobile automotive locksmith can help you.

It is always a great idea to have a spare key fob made just in case. If you happen to lose your key fob you can simply phone a family member and have them deliver it to you. Losing these things can be a costly mistake though as they cost significantly more then traditional keys. A new key fob can cost up to $400 to have remade where traditional keys are around $10. A lost key fob can be a terrible situation but if you pay more for it your more likely to take better care of it.

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