February 29, 2024

Using Cutting Tape When Spraying Your Truck’s Bed Liner

Truck bedliners

A pickup truck can make a great vehicle. It is sturdy, reliable and has a lot of storage room. Storage room can be a great benefit or a necessity for some people. People who use their trucks as work vehicles may require additional storage space. People with recreational vehicles, such as boats or RV?s may require the truck?s ability to tow. They may then need the truck?s flatbed for packing or traveling purposes. One of the biggest problems with owning a truck is that they often show wear and tear much sooner than lesser used vehicles.

People who use their trucks on a daily basis for things like towing and storage will notice that the condition of their truck beds quickly deteriorates. However, trucks still tend to be one of the most popular types of vehicles purchased, likely for their convenience and usability. For every 8 new vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2013, one of them was a full size pickup truck. Of those pickup trucks sold, about 90% of them were built by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors.

Truck owners have welcomed the idea of protecting or repairing the condition of their truck beds. The protection of the truck?s flatbed often involves using a spray gun to coat the truck bed with a polyurethane coating. This makes the paint stronger and more durable to excessive wear and tear. It tends to last longer and be more resistant, even in the highest of use. There are other types of coatings available, but the most popular type of spray on bedliner is the polyurethane.

Specific tools may be needed for an appropriate spray of a bedliner. A spray gun for bedliner may be helpful in ensuring the coating is even and does not bubble up. A bubbled coating can easily be peeled back, not providing the truck bed liner with much protection. Polyurethane is a common material used in the protection of many products. Flexible polyurethane foam accounts for about 30% of the entire North American polyurethane market, and is used largely for bedding, furniture and in the automotive industry. Cutting tape is another tool that may be needed for effective coating techniques.

Cutting tape is used to ensure that the polyurethane coating is applied evenly and in a straight line. Wiretrim tape helps achieve a perfect edge, which is important to many truck owners. The point of the coating and the cutting tape is to protect the truck and make it look new, for as long as possible. Cut tape can help achieve this look, and create the look of a professional installation job.

Polyurethane can also be sprayed on different parts of the truck?s bed liner, making cutting tape an important way of distinguishing where the paint and coating should go. Polyurethane can be sprayed from one sixteenth inch to four inches, depending on the application. Thinner coatings may cost less but can chip and crack. Thicker coatings destroy the shape and size of the truck bed. It is important to have a professional install the coat lining to ensure that the appropriate sizing and spray technique is used.

Trucks are a popular type of vehicle in the United States. They are necessary for storing large items and for towing recreational vehicles, like boats and Rv?s. However, the towing and storage of a truck can often result in early wear and tear. Coating the truck?s bed liner with polyurethane can prevent the truck?s paint from peeling or chipping. The coating should be completed by a professional to ensure that the paint is not only protected properly, but that the amount applied is the correct amount.

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