April 14, 2024

Tool Talk Is a Common Conversation in Garages Across America

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From the time you were six or seven years old you always loved hanging in the garage. First with your grandfather and his friends, then with your father as you worked along side him, now with your own buds. Then, like now, the conversation centered on cars, tools, and upcoming projects. As both a sounding board and a cheering section, these groups of men, and sometimes women, would share their opinion on any job that was coming up.

From getting a used riding mower working to replacing the transmission in a tractor, the garage crew always had some advice, or questions, or doubts that the group was happy to debate. The person who presented the upcoming task was allowed to preside over the unofficial meeting at first, and then the local experts would offer their suggestions. Which tools might work best for a project, where you might be able to go for some cheap used parts, who else outside of the circle you could ask in case things did not go well.

If the person suggesting did not not have the necessary tools, someone else in the group probably did. Your neighbor will let you use his strut coil spring compressor; their is a guy across town who will likely let you use his tie rod puller; your wife’s father has a fan clutch holding tool that you can have for as long as you need it.

Research. Resources. Report.
The three stages of any project that is discussed in the garage. In the research phase the person with the project announces an upcoming task. Conversations about resources often slips into bragging rights about who has the best organized roller cabinet tool box, and how fast any tool can be found. The reporting stage is sometimes the longest part of the process. It often involves a step by step breakdown of how the strut coil spring compressor worked or a hilarious story about how a replacement floor jack handle nearly caused a disaster. No matter what the stories are about, however, they are often learning sessions for everyone else involved. For while this garage groupies may not remember each other’s birthdays or anniversaries, they always remember stories of what worked and what did not, and use this information when needed.

The fact that a single car has as many as 30,000 parts, and that 80% of them are recyclable is just one of the reasons that friends gather in garages talking about an upcoming repair they will tackle. The fact that the average national repair costs for car is $356.04 is the reason that so many home mechanics try to tackle their own problems.

Different generations, different garages, but the conversations often remain the same. Who has a strut coil spring compressor that you can use? Who has tried to replace a transmission in a 2007 Ford pick up? These are your friends and this is your narrative, and you hope that one day your children will follow you into the garage and listen in on these conversations that you loved so much when you were little.

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