April 14, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Car Scratches

When your car gets a scratch, it’s important to fix it as fast as possible. Deep scratches allow moisture in, and that’s where rust starts. Here’s everything to know about your scratches and dents and why getting some VW touch up paint, Mazda touch up paint,
or just a general car touch up paint kit is vital.

The Dangers of Scratches

We all know that a scratch or dent can be unsightly, and that’s not good if you’re hoping to sell the car. But there’s more to it than that. Deep dents and scratches can result in a lot of rust before you know it. If you let small scratches accumulate til you have a lot of them, you’re risking a lot financially if you ever want to sell. Of course, the bigger the problems get, the more difficult it becomes to sort out when you finally decide to do something about it. Lastly, be aware of scratches on bumper covers, because that tiny scratch can actually be covering big damage. Dealing with the dent or scratch gives you a chance to look under for bent metal that could be serious down the road.

Categorizing Your Scratches

There are levels to car scratches, with 1A being the least severe and 4 the most. Smaller scratches may have just gone through the car’s clear coat, which is about 1.5 or 2 millimeters thick and simply serves to protect the paint. These can usually be just polished out. If the scratch has gone down to the paint or even the primer, you’ll need to get touch up paint that matches your car. Fortunately, these days most car dealers sell specific paint that precisely matches the colors they use on their cars. Thus it’s possible to get official VW touch up paint, Kia touch up paint, GMC touch up paint, or nearly any other brand if you have a car with a non-neutral color.

For neutral colors, which are white, black, grey, and silver when it comes to cars, you mighta not need specific VW touch up paint. It will probably be sufficient to get a paint touch up kit. These are widely available for the most popular neutral colors, like white, which has been the car color of choice in North America since 2006.

Dealing With Huge Dents and Deep Scratches

Significant scratches can be very difficult to get out and may need to be filled completely with paint or filler and then sanded and polished. For this type of scratch it’s probably best to get professional help, and be aware that significant scratches can run in the thousands of dollars to repair.

No one wants to have scratches, but they do happen to cars and trucks. If your vehicle has scratch damage, get the specific paint you need, like VW touch up paint, or a general touch up kit. If that doesn’t work, though, don’t be afraid to take your car to a professional to preserve its value, the life of the paint job, and even your safety!
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