April 15, 2024

The Importance of Letting the Professionals Handle Your Oil Change

Bulk motor oil

Many people understand the importance of hiring a professional to change the oil in their car. The best oil change service can provide you with new and clean oil, but it can also help to save the environment. This is true, because oil change places know precisely how to recycle their old oil so that it can be processed into new oil products. The people who change their oil themselves end up adding to the 200 million gallons of oil that pollute the earth due to poor disposal practices. When oil is disposed of improperly, the petroleum can seep into natural lakes and ponds. Eventually, plants and animals die in contaminated water due to both the lack of sunlight and oxygen. Engine oil change places know the environmental impact of oil and they also can help to make sure that your car is running great.

1. Mechanics at engine oil change places know a great deal about motor oil standards. They also understand the different types or grades of oil that need to be used in different kinds of vehicles. These grades indicate the viscosity of the oil and numbers are utilized to represent the fluidity. Grades are numbered 0 to 60 in increments of five. Oil change locations can look in books or on computers to find the oil viscosity that your car needs.

2. Engine oil change places know exactly how much oil to add in the oil reservoir. This is important, because motor oil types that do not fill the reservoir will allow the engine to get too hot. When too much oil is added, the engine crankshaft will dip into the oil to cause air pockets to form in the fluid. This causes the oil to foam and oil pressure to fluctuate.

3. Mechanics at oil change locations know exactly when to change motor oil. They will use the dipstick that sits in the oil reservoir to look at the color and thickness of the oil. Dark oil that is thick needs to be changed. When oil appears more amber in color, then the mechanic will be able to recommend a good timeframe as to when the oil needs to be changed next.

4. Oil change mechanics work to make sure that more and more oil is recycled in the United States. In England, 50% of motor oil is created from recycled petroleum. In the United States, this number is much lower at around 10%. To change this, mechanics make sure that people get an oil change at proper facilities so that the oil recycling process can continue and progress. More: www.motoroilmatters.org

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