June 12, 2024

Sporty and Fun, Chevys and Subarus Fit the Bill for Drivers

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Graduation season is here and high school and college grads alike are looking to get behind the wheel of a car of their own to cruise the Interstate of freedom from academia. And who can blame them? After years of tests and reading and studying and stress, who doesn’t want to get behind the wheel of a new Chevy or Subaru as you hit the highway for a summer road trip. Local Chevy dealerships can put your graduate behind the wheel of one of these well-known and iconic cars in no time.
Chevrolet History and Fun Facts
The Chevrolet brand has been around a long time ? 1912 to be precise. And since then, they have produced more than 200 million trucks and cars with that iconic bowtie emblem that has adorned its vehicles since its first appearance in 1913. Used car dealerships in cities across the nation and world are selling a Chevy at the rate of one every 6.5 seconds. Who wouldn’t want to sit behind the wheel of one of the many new, fuel efficient and sporty models.? Not to mention the fact that if you turn on the radio, you might hear one of the more than 1,000 songs that uses the name Chevy in the lyrics. In addition to the famous Don McLean song “American Pie” with the lyric “drove my Chevy to the levee,” other artists such as Jay-Zee, Mariah Carey and Kid Rock have all name-dropped the brand into their songs. To become part of this history, one only needs to visit local Chevy dealerships where a salesman can put you behind the wheel of your only history in the making.
Who Doesn’t Love a Subaru?
Used Subaru dealers already know this about their cars and would only be too happy to get you behind the wheel of this well-known and trusted vehicle. The Subaru originated in Japan but Subaru of America was established in Philadelphia in 1968. Known for its highly recyclable materials and eco- friendly design, the Subaru boasts a 97.3% recycling rate for their end-of-life vehicles. Further evidence of their eco friendliness is the zero landfill status achieved by the company’s Lafayette, Indiana, plant. Feeling good about what you drive fuels the love that many have for their Subaru.
So whether you’re looking for an iconic American icon or a Japanese-inspired vehicle that’s lauded for its environmental benefits while also being sporty and fun to drive, a visit to local Chevy dealerships is the first step to making your own history as you cruise the highway of life. Enjoy the ride!

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