May 21, 2024

Buying a Vehicle From a Car Dealer is a Long Standing Tradition!

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What can be more fun than buying a new car? New and used car buying from car dealers is a practice that has been around since the beginning of car manufacturing. Over the years, the process has changed somewhat. In the past, a customer would not think of purchasing a new car from car dealers unless he or she had visited several dealerships, driven a number of vehicles and spent a considerable amount of time looking under the hood, kicking the tires and slamming the car doors (to check for a solid sounding car).
Oftentimes in the current times, customers spent a considerable amount of time searching online, considering all the options, rating their current vehicle against other used cars for sale all to narrow the search. The customer might go directly to the car dealers who have what that customer is looking for and at the correct price.
Car dealerships have new cars and used cars. It is common now for car dealers to “certify” a used car by putting it through an inspection process. There are some dealerships that are only used car dealers and do not offer new cars. A certified used car may often also carry a warranty of some type, from 30 days to a more extended period depending on the age of the vehicle. Purchasing a car with a warranty gives the consumer a feeling of being able to drive the car for a period of time to find out if anything is wrong while not being accountable for any problems that may arise. Also used cars may be less expensive to purchase from car dealers. Even with the increase on online shopping for vehicles, this process is primarily used for shopping car dealers, options and comparing prices. Typically car purchases, whether for new or used cars, are done in person. Most consumers, approximately 84%, indicate that buying the car in person is their preferred method. A customer looking for new car will use the online process to find what is offered for incentives and rebates as well as searching for what options and trim packages are available from the car manufacturer but then actually visit the car dealers to make the purchase.
Another issue that impacts the visit to the car dealers is the value of the trade-in car that is currently being driven by the customer. Customers want to get top dollar for the car being traded in. Sometimes if the customer still owes money for the car being traded in, there is consideration the requirement to get sufficient amount of trade-in dollars to be able to pay off the car loan of that vehicle.
Leasing for a new vehicle has become more popular in recent years. Leasing offers many options as customers can work with car dealers to determine the amount of money down for the lease which is a negotiable amount. The more money used for the down payment toward the lease, the lower the monthly lease payment will be. Leases are typically for a two or three year period of time with limited number of miles that can driven during the lease period. Customers who are relatively certain that they will want a new vehicle every two or three years and who don’t want to worry about paying costly repair bills, may want to consider the lease option.
Car buying can be fun! Even a used car is still new to you!

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