April 14, 2024

Signs You May Need a Transmission Service

Ignoring that your automatic transmission is bad could cause even more damage to your car, as Scotty Kilmer explains in their video, “How to Tell if Your Automatic Transmission is Bad.” Two of the most important parts that make up your vehicle are the engine and transmission. Even though engines are the most popular topic when it comes to vehicles, topics to do with transmissions tend to remain in the dark.

Transmissions are an important part of your vehicle and, as such, if anything starts to go awry with it, you need to act on it immediately. Solving a transmission problem in its early stages can prevent the problem from worsening and will save you on costs when you repair it.

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The most popular sign that your transmission is bad is when your vehicle starts experiencing shifting issues or no movement when you use the drive gear or reverse gear. When you hear banging or clunking sounds when you change your vehicle’s gear, it could also be a sign of bad transmission. Another sign is when you check underneath your car to find that some red fluid is starting to form a puddle. This could mean that your vehicle has a transmission leak and that you need to fix it quickly. You could fix the transmission by using a transmission flush but if the problem does not go away, you will need to seek transmission services for a rebuild or a replacement.

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