April 14, 2024

Saving the Earth, Some Dollars and Some Stress

Charter bus fort wayne

Everyone has an important destination to get to. But not everyone has a quick, easy, reliable or efficient way to get there. Public transportation can be a good solution to getting around a city, or even from city to city, when you do not own a vehicle. While trains, subways, taxis, and planes all have their positive attributes, local bus services could be the perfect fit for many commuters and travelers. Whether you are trying to get back and forth between home and work, or you are planning a trip out of town, the ease of bus travel could alleviate your commuting stress.

The development of local bus services over time
The use of buses can be seen all the way back into the 1820s when people hopped aboard horse drawn buses to get from place to place. By the 1830s, England was putting into effect regular local bus services with steam powered vehicles. Fast forward to the modern era, and you can find intricate and plentiful bus routes crossing cities and countries. And the comfort on board a bus has developed to higher standards over time as well. While at one time it may have been a chore to take the bus, today it is possible and even probable that you will travel comfortably on a bus, should you choose to travel that way.

Going somewhere? Take the bus and take some friends!
In addition to the ability to get around town on the bus whenever you need to, buses also provide access to exciting travel destinations that you might be hesitant to venture toward if you had to make the drive yourself. Chartering a bus for a tour group or even something like a school trip or family vacation can be exciting and a good way to keep everyone together and enjoying themselves, all at the same time. There is also the added benefit of the environmental impact of taking extra cars off of the road. One bus at full capacity can potentially be replacing as many as 55 personal vehicles on the highway. This reduces congestion and traffic jams, which in turn reduces energy use, and ultimately cuts down on emissions and greenhouse gases. And that, of course, is wonderful news for our incredible planet that puts up with so much from its human inhabitants.

Why would you not take a bus?

There are countless reasons to take the bus. It is often the most affordable mode of transportation, it is often more accessible, and the recent upgrades to many buses include more comfortable seats, air conditioning for those warmer travel days, and some are even equipped with wireless Internet services. Motor coaches are also great for local communities, as a motor coach spending a single night in a town can generate as much as $11,660 in the local economy by way of meals, lodging, souvenirs, and other expenses paid by travelers. And when you consider that there are five times as many bus terminals across the country as there are airports, six times as many intercity rail terminals, hopping on the bus can become a pretty attractive option, if not simply the most obvious.

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