July 21, 2024

Hit the Track with a Cobra Car Kit

Shelby cobra kit car

For average racers, there are short tracks, speedways and super speedways. These types of tracks range in length from 0.5 to 2.5 miles. Recreational racing has always been highly popular, and the having the perfect car for racing makes all the difference in the world.

The original Shleby AC Cobra was intended to beat the Corvette in a race, even though they weighed nearly 500 pounds less. Some racing cars can weigh as much as 3,400 pounds. The Cobra, however, was known for being significantly lighter weight.

When the Shelby Mustang GT was introduced, they advertised it as having 335 horsepower. However, it was known that this was a low estimate in order to make the insurance companies happy. The actual horse power was around 400.

In 1964, the AC Cobra Coup reached 186 miles per hour on a British motorway and became famously known for it’s speed. This made it a popular option and sought after even by modern day racers.

The Cobra Car Kit allows modern-day enthusiasts and racers to enjoy the classic style and high performance driving of the original. The cobra car kit is an authentic replica that allows the consumer to customize their vehicle.

Cobra kit car manufacturers offer upgrade parts and allow customers to buy the vehicle in various stages of assembly. This allows you to build as much or as little of the vehicle as you want. You can purchase a cobra car kit fully assembled or you can take the time to assemble it yourself.

The ac cobra replica allows you to own a small piece of history. The original cobra was produced in limited numbers, which makes it extremely difficult to own an original. Owning an exact replica is the next best thing. Cobra kits are high quality vehicles that can perform the riggers of road and track racing.

A cobra car kit enables you to build your muscle car without the time and frustration of trying to track down all the needed parts. You?ll be able to get everything you need from one source and know you?re getting the correct parts. There is no guesswork.

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