May 21, 2024

Not Sure What to do With Your Torque Wrench? Read This!

Hundreds of bolts and nuts hold your car together. Many of these bolts have specific torque settings. Wrenching the sensitive parts of your car beyond their specified limit could damage your car. You may be wondering how much force is enough when tightening a nut or bolt. Read on to find out how to use a torque wrench correctly.

Avoid allowing the torque wrenches to click multiple times if you are unsure of the torque limit.

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When operating your torque wrench, check its specs to determine whether it should be used in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. You should also check the manufacturer’s manual to find out the torque limit of your car part.
You should ensure that you use the marked loading points when using the torque wrench. Wrenches have different lengths. The loading points are marked on the handle. Hence, to get accurate results, center your hand over the marked load points on the wrench when torquing. Be careful when loosening bolts with exceeding the torque limit. Loosening such bolts affects the wrench’s accuracy in the future, so it is advisable to loosen it using another tool. Click the link above for more tips on properly using the torque wrench.

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