July 21, 2024

Mistakes that Could Cost You Thousands in Auto Repairs

Auto repair shops can charge you a fortune; that’s why avoiding mistakes that could cause you thousands of dollars in auto repairs is a great way to save time, money, and your car.

Here are some mistakes you need to avoid auto repairs:

1. When the check engine lights up and says you have an EVAP system leak somewhere around your car, a particular system isn’t sealed.

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In most cases, the common thing is that your gas cap has gone wrong and isn’t sealing properly, and as a result, the check engine lights up. To fix this, you can either buy a new gas cap or use a rubber seal and apply it to the gasket of the gas cape.

2. Never drive through flooded terrain. Although your vehicle can pass through the flood, it can damage the catalytic converter, which will cause you thousands of dollars when it is damaged. Stay away from driving through the water with your car.

3. Always run good clean oil. Stick to what the manual says; when it says 10w30 oil, go for 10w30 oil. There’s a reason why they put it there, so why are you changing it in the first place. Engineers design cars to work at their highest efficiency and pollute with the least with the oil intended for the engine. Changing the oil means changing the oil properties designed for the machine.


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