April 15, 2024

Looking to Buy a Used Tractor? These 8 Tips Can Help

The United States may not be the agrarian society it once was, there are still at least three million people working on farms around the nation. If you own or manage a farm, buying a used tractor may be very tempting. Many farmers even look at used tractor tired when they are evaluating tractor tires for sale. These tips should get you a great deal on a used tractor:

  1. Decide what your needs are when it comes to your tractor. There are some things you need to know when you are looking at tractors and tractor tires for sale. You need to look at what you will be attaching to the tractor, what size tractor will work for your farm, how much land the tractor will need to work, and how speedy you will need it to be. Different kinds of tractors have different kinds of connectors so you need to keep that in mind when you are looking at tractors. It is impossible to get what you want if you do not know what that is.
  2. Learn about the different tractor options you have. When you are looking at tractors and tractor tires for sale, it is easy to get the wrong information from the sales people. When they ask about load capacity, weight, size, and lift capacity, you need to know that these terms mean different things in different things. There are different ways to measure these things. In order to get the tractor you need for your kind of farm, you need to understand how these measurements are taken.
  3. Learn what you can about tractor transmissions. If you go for a standard model, you will get a smaller price tag. There are also a lot of times when standard transmissions are best for the farm. There are times, however, when the best option is a hydraulic transmission. For front loading, these tend to work better and the price is coming down on models with this kind of transmission. Again, knowing what you need can help you decide what kind of transmission will work best for you.
  4. Look for wear and tear. Whether you are looking at used trucks, used cars, or used tractors, you should always check the outside for wear and tear. Ask about how much use the tractor has and take that into consideration when you are evaluating the wear and tear on the vehicle. If there is more than there should be given the usage, keep looking.
  5. Take is for a drive. It is always preferable to drive a vehicle in the same conditions in which you will be using it the most but if that is not possible, just taking it out for a test drive under any conditions is better than not driving it at all. Pay attention to how it feels and handles. Take a look at the tractor both before and after you drive. Look for leaks of oil or hydraulic fluid.
  6. Kick the tires. Even if you plan to go look for used tractor tires for sale separately from the used tractor, you can tell a lot about a vehicle from the wear and tear on the tires. If it is uneven, you should take a closer look at evidence of fluid leaks and other issues.
  7. Get the Car Fax. Ok, that is not actually a thing when it comes to buying a used tractor but you can get the maintenance records for the used tractors you are considering buying. Farmers keep records of the maintenance work they have had done on their tractors. Whether you are getting it used from a dealer, a farmer, or someone else, if you cannot get your hands on the maintenance record, keep looking.
  8. If the deal is too good to be true, it is. When you are looking at different used tractors, you should pay attention to how recently it has been painted. If you find a really good looking used tractor on which a lot of small things have been upgraded but the price is really good, there may be a reason.

At the end of the day, you can get a good used tractor if you take your time.

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