May 21, 2024

Car Enthusiasts Have A Lot To Cheer About Beefing Up Your Subaru With Quality Aftermarket Parts

You have a Subaru and aren’t satisfied. You’ve been considering taking your car to the shop or picking up some DIY techniques. Where do you go from here?

You name it, the aftermarket has it. There are plenty of useful tools you can pick up online or in-person the next time you feel concerned about your car’s performance. The benefit of looking up replacement parts means you can gain much more control over your vehicle’s speed and durability. This can mean swapping out your old tank for a fuel surge tank that delivers on its promises. It can mean improving your safety and security with a reliable Cusco roll cage.

Don’t settle for less than the best. Here are some quick statistics on Hyundai performance parts and how they fit into your new hobby.

The American Automotive Market

The United States is well-known for its car culture. According to recent statistics the American automotive aftermarket has been sitting at $285 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 3% expected to continue to 2020. More used cars are being bought these days thanks to their affordable price and the prevalence of certified pre-owned models. Whether you’re enjoying a newer model or an outdated one, the ability to swap parts at your leisure is an addictive one. Let’s keep studying today’s data and where the market will go from here.

The Worldwide Automotive Market

It’s not just the United States strutting its stuff. China is ranked the number one car manufacturer in the world, both in numbers and quality. The number of cars produced worldwide increased by nearly 3% between 2016 and 2017, with the United States alone creating 60,000 vehicles in June of 2018. Nearly 80 million cars were sold internationally, which only stands to reason DIY car owners will increase, too. Subaru, in particular, is coveted by several demographics for its solid performance and wealth of aftermarket parts.

Subaru’s Continuing Popularity

Why pick a Subaru? Toss a dart and you’ll hit a valid reason. Subaru is a coveted Japanese brand well-known for its fast speed and wide variety of models. They’ve garnered a particularly loyal following among car enthusiasts eager to bring out the very best in their purchase with aftermarket parts, like the Cusco roll cage and Cosmis wheels. If you’re considering buying a car, sifting between price and brand is often the best way to go.

America’s Used Car Preference

Used cars are often the best choice, whether you want to be a DIY car owner or not. Over 80 million cars were expected to be produced at the end of 2018. Despite this used cars are on the rise, according to recent studies. Up to 15 million vehicles in the United States today are at least 25 years old, a notable increase from the estimated 10 million back in 2002. A certified pre owned vehicle can give you a little more reliability, if you’re a first-time buyer that’s nervous about which purchase is best.

Choosing The RIght Subaru Performance Parts

You’re thinking you might import performance parts to improve quality. You might still be wondering whether to buy used or new. Acura performance parts, WRX aftermarket parts, and Subaru aftermarket parts are ready and waiting. If you want to make your Subaru WRX STI as fast as possible, consider swapping out for a new turbo. You can bump the WRX above 500 horsepower, right alongside increasing the longevity of your vehicle.

You don’t buy a Cusco roll cage out of obligation. You buy one to broaden your horizons.

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