July 21, 2024

Invite Some Friends Over and Watch Fast Car Videos

Super fast cars videos

Let’s play a game. And maybe it’s not a game.

You’re driving your new Nissan 370Z NISMO. Your boss is sitting next to you, and you’re on the way to work on the interstate. You’re both managers, so it’s early because you have to be at work very early.

And you’re doing 100 mph. You and the boss are both smiling.

Then you get your doors blown off by a BMW M, who’s going, what, 135? And he’s being chased by a Bentley Shooting Brake that’s doing goodness knows what speed. And way, way in the distance, you can see the lights of a police car trying to keep up, and you know you’d better slow down.

You boss say, “Geez, I’d love to have a video of that!”

Wouldn’t we all…fast car videos are something just about anyone can take with a dash cam, watch on YouTube, or find elsewhere on the internet or in stores. There are fast cars videos of guys going drifting, running a gymkhana or autocross on the weekend, or spending some time on the asphalt at track days for amateurs. Your personal fast car videos might be of you doing some rapid turns in a race drivers course at a speedway.

The fast car videos most of us love to see are the super fast cars videos where the real exotic models, like a Bugatti Veyron or a McLaren F1 or Porsche 359 or Ferrari F40 go full song down the road and into a turn. That’s why we love some of the old “Smokey and the Bandit” and Cannonball movies because you see outrageous cars doing outrageous things.

Fast car videos are proof that these cars exist. Sometimes we need proof. We see pictures of them in car magazines, but the chance that you’ll actually see an exotic car on the road is somewhere between slim and forget it. But in videos of fast cars, especially those of Britain’s “Top Gear” program, you now only see the car in action from the outside, but what the driver is experiencing on the inside.

Want something to do with your buddies (and their girl friends) for a few weekend hours? Rent some fast car videos, connect YouTube to your television, and watch to your heart’s content. It’s something everyone who drives a car can enjoy…and those of us who drive something a little more exciting can enjoy even more.

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