June 12, 2024

How to Sell a Junk Car for Cash

Maybe it’s your beloved rusty ride from high school, or your trusty old commuter car that requires one major repair too many. Whatever the cause, you’re stuck with a junk car and you need to sell it. This video explains how to get cash for junk car.

First, know the car’s true value: This might seem silly when talking about a “junk car,” but you could be surprised by how much your old vehicle is worth.

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Get the paperwork in order: Make sure you have the car title and other necessary paperwork ready for a sale. (If you have a salvage title or rebuilt title, make that clear to the buyer.) Check with your state’s DMV to see what’s required. A reputable junk car buyer will want proof that you actually own the car, after all. A scrapyard could give you an honest price, except a non-running car would need to be towed there. That could take extra time and cost you money. Reputable junk car buyers should include the price of any towing into their overall value estimate.


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