May 21, 2024

How to Complete a Muffler Installation

Your car needs a properly functioning muffler for two main reasons: to reduce the engine’s noise during combustion and maintain a proper back pressure level. Hence, a faulty or old muffler often fails to execute one or both functions.
Follow the guide below to find out how you can complete a muffler installation.
1. Before you start removing your old muffler, park your vehicle and level the surface.

Video Source

2. Disconnect the battery by loosening the nut that holds the ground cable on the negative terminal. This prevents the car from moving while you are working on it.
3. Jack, the vehicle to enable you to work beneath it.
4. If your muffler is secured with bolts that have accumulated rust, spray the muffler with penetrating fluid to soak the bolts. It makes them easier to loosen.
5. Loosen the nuts on the muffler with a socket or hand wrench.
6. Slide the muffler and exhaust pipe apart.
To complete the muffler installation, watch the video linked above. It has a detailed guide on all the installation steps.

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