July 21, 2024

Four Cars That Heavily Influenced the Auto Industry

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American Automobile manufacturers have always been a great source of technological development. Every decade for the last century can be defined by the images of the cars that ruled the road during that period. Some of these cars have been far more than snapshots of a bygone time, they were complete game changers. These five examples of automobile ingenuity drew the attention of the world, heavily influencing the direction of development and design for all auto manufacturers.

  1. The 1948 Tucker: In the years immediately following the close of World War II, automobile companies were slow to offer the American public any new developments. The first car to include new design and features, and their focus was heavily centered on safety. They may have been influential, but it certainly was not a result of stellar company leadership or record breaking sales numbers. The company was able to make only 51 cars before running out of money and going under. Bad for the owner, Preston Tucker, great for the car?s resale value.
  2. Cadillac Eldorado:The first Eldorado rolled off the production line in 1953, the bright new star in Cadillac?s armada. From moment one, the marketing, as well as the quality and price, convinced consumer?s was an exclusive, top of the line vehicle, a fact reinforced by the car being purchased by Elvis Presley and Preside nt Eisenhower.
  3. Chevrolet Corvette: These days, the Corvette is America?s Sports Car and in possession of a remarkably devoted and loyal fan base. The car?s first couple years were not as glamorous, however, and when it was released in 1953, it was a pretty car that worked when it felt like it, and then only slowly. The 1955 release, however, had all the good looks of the original model, but instead of running like a wind up toy, this car had all the power necessary for performance driving of the time.
  4. Shelby Cobra: The 427 Cobra is the emblematic sports car of the 60?s, and the dream car of large numbers of performance driving obsessed people then, later and now. These little roadsters with the heavy v8 engines, so well designed that they are still considered fast by modern standards, were not a financial success despite its symbolic status. Modern collectors must pay top dollar, though,
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No matter what concerns drive your car buying choices, be it a desire for performance driving or a need for top notch safety, these four cars heavily influenced the industry development directions. Not just another year of the same old thing, these cars actually changed the automotive world. Helpful links.

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