July 21, 2024

A Brief Lesson on the Bacteria Lurking in Your Car

Ultra plush

The next time you’re driving on the freeway, take a moment to consider which is less polluted, the inside of your car or the air over the freeway. Were you aware that the inside of your car could be two-to-ten times more polluted?

While you may pride yourself on your ride, it could be filled with bacteria. A GAP Enviromicrobial Services study found that cars can have 17,000 times more bacteria than homes.

Do you normally put your groceries in the trunk of your car? If so, you may want to know that your trunk can contain around 850 bacteria, according to an Aston University study.

Another study, which was conducted by celebrity microbiologist, Charles P. Gerba, found that what you do or carry in your car makes a difference in the amount of bacteria that may be present. If you have children, and if they and other passengers are allowed to eat or drink in the car, you will probably have even more bacteria.

Since 70% of drivers have reported that they eat and/or drink in their car, it’s not uncommon to occasionally spill something. Areas where food and drink are spilled provide a fertile ground for bacteria to grow.

True, you can take your car in for a thorough cleaning; however, if you haven’t replaced your car’s carpeting in the past ten years or longer, it would be a good idea to do so now. Even if you’ve had your carpet replaced more recently, you may want to consider replacing it again. This would be recommended if it’s torn or if food, drink, or other types of spills are building up.

When it’s time to replace your car’s carpet, you are probably looking for one or more of the following types of carpet:

    Loop car carpet
    Molded car carpet
    Nylon car carpet
    Ultra plush car carpet

If you’re looking for something unique, you can also purchase custom carpets for your car. If you have an older, classic car, you may be interested to know that you can purchase carpet that specifically fits your car’s make, model, and year. In fact, you can purchase just the right type and style of carpet that dates back to the mid-1940s.

In addition to floor carpet, you probably need one or more of the following types of floor mats:

    Classic car floor mats
    Die cut floor mats
    Embroidered floot mat
    Licensed floor mat
    Rubber floor mat

Since you’re probably deciding to replace your car’s carpet and floor mats, when was the last time you replaced your trunk mats? Depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle, as well as other considerations, such as the amount of wear and tear your trunk will experience, you may want to choose a vinyl trunk mat. In addition to a vinyl trunk mat, there are other choices, such as felt and fleece trunk mats.

Whether you decide on nylon car carpet or choose carpet that is ultra plush, remember that even when you take good care of your ride, that it may still be harboring bacteria. The next time you take your car in for a tune up or other maintenance needs, be sure to have your nylon car carpet sanitized.

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