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Top Three Surprising Facts about Subaru

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Subaru car dealers do a lot to try to convince people to buy their stock. Even when one disregards the smoke and mirrors, however, Subaru is an interesting company to consider. There are a lot of interesting little tidbits that set these cars apart from the pack. Here are three things you may not have known about Subaru:

1. Subaru Has a Distinctive Design for their Engine Layout

Subaru does a lot of research on how to build their cars. One thing that is very constant among their stock is the layout of their engine, however. They are known for using the boxer engine layout in a majority of their vehicles. This sort of thing makes it easier for mechanics to assess the vehicle since they walk in knowing what to expect initially. It also may allow Subaru owners a feeling of community with other owners; the

Boston Set to Receive Bridj, a Unique and Personalized Bus Experience

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Wheelchair accessible vehicles

What if your bus route was as flexible as a taxi cab company? In Boston, Massachusetts, one luxury bus company might be doing just that, for just a few more dollars than what the regular T ride would cost.

It’s the first “pop-up” bus service of its kind, and it’s scheduled to start pickups this May with several commuter routes in Boston, Cambridge and Brookline. Founder Matthew George, just 23 years old, wanted to create a “living, breathing” system of public transport that would fit in with the modern world. His bus line, called Bridj, is set to use online data to figure out where areas of peak demand are each day, allowing it to adjust schedules accordingly.

The Next Step in Public Transport?

Although Bridj will be more expensive than the MBTA bus at $5 to $8 p

Three Benefits of Driving Volkswagen Vehicles

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Did you know that the car radio was invented in 1929? In addition, most car horns in the United States beep in the key of F. Cars are revolutionary machines that were first created in 1886, and since that time, numerous car manufacturers have emerged. Volkswagen, for example, was founded in Germany in 1937. There are several benefits of Volkswagen vehicles, and as a result, they are commonly offered by online car dealers.

1. Popular. Volkswagen is not only the largest German automaker, but it is also the second largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. In addition, Volkswagen has three of the top 10 best selling cars of all time, which include the Golf, Passat, and Beetle. Due to the overwhelming popularity of Volkswagen vehicles, many Continue Reading

Three Ways to Get Your Motorcycle Ready After Winter Storage

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Though the hashtag #WinterIsComing has been blowing up Twitter and other social networking sites lately, that’s just promotional excitement for the return of HBO’s fantasy series Game of Thrones. In reality, it’s spring that’s coming — or more accurately, it’s spring that’s already here. And with the approach of pleasant outdoor conditions comes a palpable fervor among motorcycle riders to hop on their bikes and soak up as much of the gorgeous springtime weather as they can. But there’s a lot of work that needs to be done before any rider can simply kick-start his machine and take off down the street.

For starters, you’ve likely been keeping your bike in storage inside your garage to protect it from the harsh snow of winter. Or maybe you’ve had it professionally stored somewhere. The point is that

Shop Around and Find Your Best Value in a New Car

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Your old car is on its last legs. You can tell because not only are you best friend with your local gas attendant, but the check engine light pops on with every trip. If you are interested in a new car consult with a new chevy dealer or your local Subaru dealers.

At 102 years old, Chevrolet is one of the oldest American car companies still in business. Even with the economic downturn of 2007, Chevrolet remains one of the most popular brands in the world. If all the Chevrolets that were purchased in 2010 were to be lined bumper-bumper, they would cover 51% of the earth’s circumference. In 2011, Chevrolet sold more than 4.76 million cars and trucks.

As the car industry has evolved Chevrolet has continued to add vehicles that would excite any consumer. The plug-in electric Chevrolet Volt was announced as t

DOT Study Finds Less Vehicles on the Road in 2014 Are More People Riding the Bus?

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Small buses

There are more reasons than simply convenience to ride a bus. A recent Department of Transportation Federal Highway Commission report shows that the number of vehicles on the road have dropped from January 2013 to January 2014, and this decrease is part of a larger trend stemming back to 2007.

So what does this mean?

It could suggest that people are trying to “go green” and utilize public transportation to fight harmful emissions pollution. A related study conducted by the Urban Institute found that out of 12,000 families in 10 different cities, owning a car was linked to a level of financial success. While some consider this an indication of increasing prosperity, others are concerned that it only means less people can afford to buy a car. The families unable to purchase a car are left to ride large and

Using Vinyl Vehicle Wraps for Advertising

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Velvet car wrap

While car wraps are increasingly being used to alter the cars overall color, they are also used extensively for advertising. Approximately 95% of Americans stated that they were susceptible to being reached by mobile advertisements. More specifically, specialized transit advertising takes advantage of that attention, by getting up to 19 percent of the outdoor advertising industry. Car wrap advertising has found a very viable niche as part of the push to create new advertising opportunities.

Your business can benefit from services at Orange county car wrap advertising firms by placing a full color mobile ad on your car as it travels around town. When compared against other forms of adver

Charter Bus Offers Tired Motorist Peace of Mind

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Charter bus companies

You have a big corporate event coming up where a lot of your employees need to get downtown on a busy work day. Since you are the World’s Best Boss, you decide to not have your employees worry about gas or paying for parking. To save your employees money you call a charter bus company. Instead of having several different cars going to the conference give your employees a chance to relax by letting someone else drive.

The Bus is a historic mode of transportation used for decades. Electric trolley buses made their debut in 1882. Most kids took the big yellow bus to school every day. Now, chartered bus companies provide riders the chance to have a relaxing journey without having to worry about traffic or finding parking.

When people charter a bus, they may pay a flat fee or be charged a fee based on the

Fully Loaded Church Minibuses A Little Luxury Never Hurt Anyone, Right?

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One of the most economical, practical ways to travel is by bus. The fees are usually low, you do not have to worry about navigation, and you can enjoy the scenery on the ride. From large buses to small buses, these vehicles provide convenience, comfort, and stability. If you are in the market for a luxury minibus for your church congregation, there are several things you should consider before making your purchase or putting any passengers in the bus.

The first thing you need to do to narrow down your search is make a list of all the features you want in your church bus. Luxury minibuses can come loaded with several different add-ons at your discretion. For example, you can have the manufacturer install satellite TV, hardwood flooring, power outlets, a bathroom, iPod capabilities, and plush seating

Get Your Congregation on the Road in a Minibus

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Finding the right church bus for your congregation is important. It should get your passengers back and forth safely, and economically. If you take many trips during the year, the kind of bus you buy will vary. There are many options to choose from depending on the number of people that you want to seat. A full-sized bus can hold at least 50 people, but in many cases, you will not need a vehicle that size. Many churches purchase small buses or passenger vans for transport, instead of large buses, and this is probably going to be your best option.

One thing you will want to keep in mind when buying a minibus for