June 12, 2024

DOT Study Finds Less Vehicles on the Road in 2014 Are More People Riding the Bus?

Small buses

There are more reasons than simply convenience to ride a bus. A recent Department of Transportation Federal Highway Commission report shows that the number of vehicles on the road have dropped from January 2013 to January 2014, and this decrease is part of a larger trend stemming back to 2007.

So what does this mean?

It could suggest that people are trying to “go green” and utilize public transportation to fight harmful emissions pollution. A related study conducted by the Urban Institute found that out of 12,000 families in 10 different cities, owning a car was linked to a level of financial success. While some consider this an indication of increasing prosperity, others are concerned that it only means less people can afford to buy a car. The families unable to purchase a car are left to ride large and small buses, and other modes of transportation, which only adds to the poverty disparity.

The other problem with so many cars lining the streets is that minibuses, large buses, and other public transport vehicles are facing higher traffic. This makes it hard to get passengers to their destination on time. In addition, there is subsequently greater idle time on the road, which also adds to the level of emission. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that from 2012 to 2022, the bus driver industry is expected to grow 9 percent, and this could mean that America could also see an increase in the number of buses on the road, making the incidence of emissions higher as well.

This has pushed bus owners away from finding a good used bus that uses diesel only, toward hybrid buses, and ones that use Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, propane gas, and compressed natural gas. Although finding a good used bus that uses only diesel is easier, as about 95% of buses still operate this way, many cities are pushing for greener buses, like San Francisco, whose Municipal Transportation Agency is working to get hybrid buses on the road by the summertime.

While used buses may not be taken completely off the roads within the next few years, newer, eco-friendly minibuses, school buses, church buses, and public transport vehicles could help reduce harmful emissions on the road. In addition, these buses keep residents who cannot afford a car mobile, and ensure that all people have access to an economical mode of travel. Find out more here: www.carpenterbus.com

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