June 12, 2024

Three Ways to Get Your Motorcycle Ready After Winter Storage

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Though the hashtag #WinterIsComing has been blowing up Twitter and other social networking sites lately, that’s just promotional excitement for the return of HBO’s fantasy series Game of Thrones. In reality, it’s spring that’s coming — or more accurately, it’s spring that’s already here. And with the approach of pleasant outdoor conditions comes a palpable fervor among motorcycle riders to hop on their bikes and soak up as much of the gorgeous springtime weather as they can. But there’s a lot of work that needs to be done before any rider can simply kick-start his machine and take off down the street.

For starters, you’ve likely been keeping your bike in storage inside your garage to protect it from the harsh snow of winter. Or maybe you’ve had it professionally stored somewhere. The point is that motorcycles, like bears, can hibernate, when it’s time to awaken and take in the fresh air once again, there’s a bit of waking up that needs to happen first.

Look into motorcycle repair first and foremost.

Your bike hasn’t seen the light of day in four or five months, which means as soon as you uncover it or wheel it back out of storage, it’s time to check its vitals. As long as you used a fuel stabilizer before shutting it away, your fuel levels should be acceptable, but peer into the gas tank just to be sure. A good oil check-up is a good idea, as is a look at the battery. Most importantly, you should spend some time ensuring your tires are as inflated as they need to be. This is true for both factory-built and custom motorcycles.

Take a few practice laps around the block.

OK, we realize that you’re not a kid out learning how to ride a bicycle with training wheels. But even still, no motorcyclist can stay fresh after months of not riding. There’s a bit of a warm-up period, and the best way to get reacquainted with the feel of your machine once again is to take it for a spin off the highway. Watch your speeds and your leans around turns at first. After an afternoon, you’ll be a pro once again.

Rent a motorcycle if yours needs a bit more work.

Say your bike needs a little extra loving before you can get it back on the road to fully enjoy springtime. Effectively, you have two options: bring the machine into a professional repair shop and get it back sooner, or rent a bike in the meantime and work on your own slowly but steadily. You might not have all the motorcycle accessories you need lying around your garage, but the experts at mechanic shops certainly will. Either way, never fear if your bike simply isn’t ready come springtime. You always have options.

Whether you’re riding around town on your own custom motorcycles (or their custom motorcycles), you’re still riding around — and that’s the important part. Winter might be coming to HBO, but everywhere else, spring is blooming, and that means motorcycle season has just kicked into gear. Enjoy, and always remember to ride safely. Continue your research here.

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