July 21, 2024

Why Buying a Used Car is a Good Choice

If you’re looking for financing for a car, you may be surprised to learn that many used car dealers offer onsite financing. They work with several banks and lending institutions to offer customers a good deal. Buy here pay here options also work for customers whose credit may be less than perfect. This makes use auto sales easier than ever, with one-stop shopping for your next car.

Why buy a used car?
Almost the first decision you have to make when you’re looking for your next car is: should it be a new or used car? There are a number of advantages in buying used cars. The first of these is that you’re not paying for just the newness factor. In fact, new cars begin depreciating rapidly, and lose a significant percentage of their value the moment they’re driven out of the dealership lot.
Used cars on the other hand give you good value for money. This is one reason why used car sales have been rising for the past seven years. At the present time, used auto sales make up three-fourths of all auto sales in the U.S. In fact, the average age of cars on the road is now 11.6 years. People are discovering the value of used cars and holding on to their cars for longer.

Price and other factors
Price is another factor car buyers have to consider when choosing between a new or used car. Given that the average price of a new car is around $35,309, it’s not surprising that many car buyers are looking for alternatives. Used cars offer quality at much lower prices. The majority of online searches for used cars look for vehicles priced at $5,000 or less.
Many used car dealerships also service vehicles, so you know that they are reliable. In fact, it’s a good idea to build a long term relationship with a dealer who can also help to service and keep your car in good shape.

Buy here pay here
In order to make used auto sales even easier, many dealerships now offer on site financing. This makes shopping for an auto a one-stop affair, because you don’t have to deal with a bank or financial institution. The dealer does that for you. Many used car dealers work with banks and lending institutions to find the best deals.
For people with poor or bad credit, this is a way to get auto financing without having to jump through all the hoops for a bank. It helps if you can make a down payment, though interest rates will vary depending on your credit score.

Used auto sales are a popular choice for people looking for a quality vehicle without paying a hefty amount. Many used car dealerships offer buy here pay here options, and will help customers get auto financing. Even customers with bad credit can find financing for their next car.

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