April 14, 2024

Where to Get Your Oil Changed?

Bulk motor oil

Finding the best place for an oil change used to be rather simple, but finding someone that really knows about motor oil may take a little more research, especially when you want to be assured that they are practicing responsible recycling and storage. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, cites issues totaling nearly 200 million gallons of used motor have been illegally dumped or disposed of. By going to oil change locations that support American Petroleum Institute standards, you can show your support for the proper recycling of different motor oil types.

Automotive motor oils can be classified according to the Society of Automotive Engineers numerical grading system. This helps to match the oil to your engine, but it also insures that you are buying quality oil that passes specific tests. Since different formulations and grades get used in different vehicles, it pays to understand some basic motor oil facts determining quality and environmental guidelines. The American Petroleum Institute standards also ensure that you are receiving the exact oil that you are paying for.

While some of the formulations have been around for quite some time, we tend to not think very much about grades and standards when finding the best place for an oil change. Generally, as you get service for your car, they pump new motor oil into your vehicle from 50 gallon drums of oil. This can be a convenience for them, but it minimizes how much we know about the oil formulation. Now, the Motor Oil Matters designations have been put in place to assure customers that they get the exact formulations they select and are not subject to using inferior products.

As a way to insure that consumers are getting oil changes using proper, confirmed labels for their motor oils, the American Petroleum Institute standards will test various samples in the supply chain to make sure they adhere to standards. If there are any discrepancies, they are addressed or the supplier and vendor face various sanctions until they comply. For the typical driver, that extra security means that you can look at the barrel of motor oil that your mechanic is using and be assured that they use quality formulations.

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