June 12, 2024

Visit Your Local Used Car Dealership to Learn More About Used Toyotas and Fords

Toyota dealer

Were you aware that almost 40 million used cars exchange hands every year? This includes private-party transactions as well as dealership sales. It’s interesting to note that the average vehicle will actually have 3 different owners throughout its lifetime as well.

Record-Breaking Sales

Sales for certified pre-owned sales broke records during 2016. There were 2.6 million units sold during that year. Furthermore, light truck sales also increase over 7% in 2016, and 60.6% of all United States vehicles sales were for light trucks. Passenger cars comprised 39.4% of the remaining sales for that year.

Thus far in 2017, the Ford F-series continues to be the best-selling truck for 40 years in a row. The F-250 is available with a standard 6.2-liter V-8 engine. In terms of horsepower, it can reach 385.

How Old Is Your Current Vehicle?

How old will your vehicle be in 2021? IHS Markit research indicates that there will be 20 million vehicles on the road that will be over 25 years old at that time. Depending on how old your current vehicle is, and how old it will be in 4 years, you may be thinking about purchasing a new car.

Used Fords and Used Toyotas for Sale

Have you been looking at used vehicles lately? Whether you’ve test-driven used Fords, used Toyotas, or other used vehicles at your local auto dealer, you may be interested to learn a few details about available models.

Are you interested in a hybrid vehicle? Then you may want to consider the Toyota Prius. This car, which was launched almost 20 years ago, continues to be the best-selling, mass-market hybrid vehicle throughout the world. The Prius Eco, for example, has excellent mileage. While it is able get 58 miles per gallon in the city, it can get 53 miles per gallon when out on the highway.

In 2000, the first-generation Ford Focus was released, and there were 3 different body styles offered at this time:

  • 3-door hatchback
  • 4-door sedan
  • 5-door wagon

By 2002, the 5-door hatchback became available. If you’re looking for a great passenger car, then you may be interested in this model. Whichever vehicle you decide to purchase, you will be able to learn more about its features and benefits when you visit your local dealership.

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