June 12, 2024

Vacationing in Comfort and Style

Jayco eagle premier

Everyone loves the chance to get away, and many love the chance to get into nature, but some people prefer to have a few more amenities available than others. Yes, the idea of an escape to the middle of nowhere to enjoy a nice campfire does sound nice, but given the chance, many people would prefer to retire to a comfortable bed with lights and running water close at hand rather than roughing it on the hard ground with a lantern and maybe a water bottle. That is why many people will take advantage of a comfortable and luxurious (at least in camping terms) recreational vehicle. RVs like the Jayco Eagle Premier travel trailer has all of the camper accessories one could even dream of.

The benefits of owing a fifth wheel camper
There are many reasons why you might want to consider investing in a Jayco Eagle Premier travel trailer or something like it. You could probably even find a good selection of used camper trailers where you could choose something that would fit your needs. Camping is by far, one of the most popular outdoor pastimes for those interested in recreational activities in the U.S. and in just one year, campgrounds and RV parks boasted a revenue of about $5 billion. And while that may seem like an exorbitant amount of money that people are paying for the activity, think about the savings they are personally making. When you travel with an RV, you are not spending money on hotel rooms, and because there is typically some sort of kitchenette, you will be more likely to make meals than to spend more money on constantly eating out. Taking a trip with an RV can save a family of four anywhere from 23% to 59% on their total vacation cost. And if you happen to choose a model like the Jayco Eagle Premier travel trailer, you will be saving in serious style.

A breakdown of reasons to live a little with an RV
There are so many reasons why people prefer to use recreational vehicles over regular tents and similar camping setups, and why they may be more likely to use their RV more often. Some RV owners are not even necessarily setting out to find the perfect camping adventure, but there are plenty of reasons to get out on the road with a Jayco Eagle Premier travel trailer or something like it. In one survey, people responding to the question of what main reason was driving them to use a recreational vehicle more often, gave a number of answers:

  • Getting away more frequently
    A solid 64% claimed that it was just about being able to be more mobile more often, and being able to get away from the routine of it all.
  • Quality time
    About 47% stated that they appreciate the opportunity to spend more quality time with their family members, and that the freedom of traveling with an RV provides that quality bonding time.
  • Outrunning stressful situations
    Around 44% of the respondents said that they use the opportunity to travel with their recreational vehicle as a chance to escape stress, which can too often be an overwhelming presence as a result of work and our overstimulated society in general.
  • Cheaper travel
    A good 42% of people responding to the survey admitted that they appreciate traveling on less money, as there are not as many reasons or necessities to spend extra money while they are away.
  • Splendid spontaneity
    About 38% said that what they enjoy about their RV travel is the ability to get away without having to put in much planning for their trip. Most of what they need is already conveniently packed!

Whether you decide to go for a fancy fifth wheel or you opt for a more modest model, you can be sure that you will be comfortable and happy when you hit the road.

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