July 21, 2024

Three Things To Add To Your Workspace

Mechanics and Repair Men in The Auto Industry

The United States has more cars than any other country in the world, at 300 million. China comes in a distant second, at 78 million. The auto tools industry makes up 7% of the top services performed based on total purchasing dollars in the U.S. In 2017, U.S. motor vehicle and parts retailers generated revenue of around 100 billion U.S. dollars.

A single car has about 30,000 parts. About 80% of a car is recyclable. Thats alot of parts. If you’re a mechanic or work in the car repair industry, having the best place to keep tools ius just as important as the tools themselves.

Keeping Your Workspace Organized

Fumbling and searching through tools and equipment can decrease your productivity and cause job to take longer than expected. For businesses, this could mean an unhappy customer and decreased profit. The following are tools you should consider adding to your workshop or garage to keep it organized and efficient.

OEM Tool Box

Tools can clutter the garage and make it challenging to complete tasks. An OEM tool box can keep all you accumulated tools in one organized place. These boxes come in a variety of sizes including a 72 inch tool box to meet any storage need. The features include a pegboard for hanging tools, multiple drawers for upper and lower storage. There are models that come with locking wheels so it can be moved along with you. An OEM tool box is suitable for many fields but especially repair and mechanic industries.

QuickJack 7000
The quickjack 7000 is a heavy-duty, ultra-portable car and truck lifting system with a 7,000 pound capacity. This lifting system would be stowed quickly within 60 seconds and takes up little space. Other features of the QuickJack 7000 are:

  • Automatic safety lock bars
  • Remote push-button control for simple operation
  • Steel mounted urethane wheels for rolling on floor
  • Quick-connect/disconnect hoses for fast and convenient set-up
  • Convenient handles allow for easy positioning of the jack frames
  • Strong 14-gauge welded steel frames

20 Inch Oscillating Pedestal Fan
If you deal with harsh smells from paints, chemicals, heat or general odor, keeping things cool is worth considering. Moving around within your workshop causes you to warm up. You add heavy-duty equipment, multiple bodies, and weather, and you can end up with a smelly and uncomfortablworkspace. There are many fans suitable for your workspace. They come in different sizes and you can put them just about anywhere from corners and ceilings to tabletops. Consider adding a 20 inch floor fan to keep things moving.

Having the right tools in the right place to do the right job is important. A clean and functional workspace can improve efficiency and productivity which, for many mechanics anrepairmen, mean more work is done and more money. Consider revamping your workspace with these three automotive relates tools.

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