July 21, 2024

The Real Value of Spray on Truck Bedliners

Vinyl wrap tape

It is hardly a secret that Americans love their trucks. In the United States, at least 1.6 million pickup trucks were sold in 2012. Truck owners love their trucks. If you have a new truck, it is important to protect it. One key part of protecting your new truck is to do something to keep the truck bed in good shape. The best way to do that is look at spray on truck bedliners.

The truck bed is prey to damage from a lot of sources. UV rays from the sun, rain, snow, chemical contamination and whatever you will be putting in your truck bed can damage it. Here are the reasons spray on truck liners work best to protect it:

  1. You get a seal that is totally bonded to the truck bed. Because these truck bedliners are directly attached to the truck bed, you get a water tight seal. This is very different from a drop in bedliner. These fit well in many truck beds but there is some space between the bedliner and the truck bed. That can allow both water and other dirt and debris to get between the bedliner and the truck bed.
  2. They can be cleaned easily. Spray on truck bedliners will not move at all, because they are bonder to the truck bed. There is often some movement when you use a drop-in bedliner. The maintenance and cleaning of the spray on bedliner is simple, quick and easy.
  3. You do not have to worry about the fit. Trucks come with truck beds that have different lengths. You can have a truck bed that is 8, 6.5 or 5.5 feet. You can also have a customized truck with a differently sized truck bed. It is not always as easy to get a drop-in bedliner that has the perfect fit. This is not an issue with spray on truck bedliners. You will have the perfect fit every time.
  4. You get the color you want. With drop in truck bedliners, you have only a few colors to pick from. With spray on truck bedliners, you can mix the color you want into the spray on truck bedliner material. If that is important to you, say you want the truck bedliner match your truck, it is something you can accomplish.
  5. Spray on bedliners are easy to install. The installation process consists of a few steps:
  • Clean and mask you truck bed. Use wiretrim edge cutting tape to make your lines clean and precise.
  • Carefully sand your truck bed.
  • Mix your materials.
  • Clean your spray gun for truck bedliner.
  • Spray on the bedliner.
  • Unmask and finish the truck bedliner.
  • This is a quick and easy process.


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