May 21, 2024

The Best Street Car Forums on the Web

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According to an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on September 4, 2013, auto sales are at their highest level since before the “Great Recession.” In fact, auto sales are on a pace to exceed the 16 million autos sold during 2007 by approximately 400,000 vehicles. While it is good news to know that auto sales are up, the rising costs of new automobiles are anything but good news.

On September 5, 2013, USA Today reported that the average cost of a new car is 31,252 dollars. When you factor in 10 percent annual depreciation, this means that the average new car will only be worth around 16,600 dollars in five years; and that is if the vehicle has low miles, and is in pristine condition inside and out. Even if the vehicle were in mint condition after five years, the owner would be lucky to get more that 13,000 on a trade.

This means that more Americans than ever are purchasing used cars, and could probably learn a lot from car repair forums. One of the best things about auto forums is that there is forum for everyone. There are street car forums, muscle car forums, smart car forums, and cheap car repair forums for regular people.

Since any automobile you buy, new or old, has to last for at least the duration of a car loan, auto owners would be wise to use every resource available to ensure their cars stay on the road, and out of the garage. You never know, car repair novices could probably learn something from any auto forum, be it classic car forums or street car forums. As long as it keeps their cars on the road, they will be all the better for it.

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