June 12, 2024

Pickup Trucks Have Become Amazingly Popular in Recent Years!

Truck bed liner spray

Pickup trucks used to be considered a part of farm equipment. Most of those who owned pickup trucks several years ago were farmers or hunters or people who do some type of hauling for a living. But not any longer! In just one month, August, 2015, pickup truck sales jumped 8% on the United States. In 2013, one of every eight vehicles sold in the United States was a full-size pickup truck. About 90% of those pickups sold were built by Chrysler, Fork and General Motors. Those people who used their pickup truck for farm work or possibly a job as household repair provider were not always worried about protecting the bed of the pickup truck. With the popularity increasing, more and more people are buying a pickup truck as their personal vehicle and like the ease of maybe pulling a trailer or hauling groceries, home good or furniture. This group of customers are more concerned with protecting the bed of the truck.

Spray on bedliners are a very popular way to protect the truck bed from damage and also to protect and cushion the items hauled in the truck bed. So how is a spray on bedliner applied? What are some other reasons to get a spray on bedliner? If you decide you want a spray on bedliner, how do you find spray on bedliner dealers?
Bedliners are applied using a bedliner spray gun. Your decision to acquire the sprayed on polyurethane product for your pickup truck bed will serve two purposes. The spray on bedliner, sprayed on with a bedliner spray gun, prevents scratching, rusting and any kind of chemical contamination which will add years of service to your truck bed and add great resale value. Also the spray on bedliner material creates an anti-slip surface or anti-skid because it creates a roughed up surface to the truck bed.

What is the process to apply a spray on bedliner with a bedliner spray gun? First locate a spray on bedliner dealer who is a certified expert in the process. The dealer should take steps prior to starting to line your truck bed to make sure there is no rust or old paint peeling or on the surface of the truck bed. If there is any type of deep rust or corrosion, this should be sanded with 150-grit sandpaper down to the bare metal. There are several processes and classes of material used for spray on truck bed liners. There are the aromatic and aliphatic compounds as the two classes of material to be applied with a bedliner spray gun. The compounds can be applied with a heated or high pressure process or also with a process that is not heated or low pressure process, again using the bedliner spray gun.
Spray on bedliners use a specific spray gun for the bedliner. The equipment is as important as the process and a spray on bedliner retailer will know the best bedliner spray gun to use as well as the best spray on process. For instance the polyurethane can be sprayed on and depending on the application, can be applied with different thicknesses, from 1/16 of an inch up to four inches. While it may cost less for the thinner coating, it will also possible have a tendency to chip and crack. However an application applied with a bedliner spray gun can destroy the shape and size of the truck bed when applications are done using the thicker coating.
Truck bedliners are a versatile product when applied with a bedliner spray gun and so much more functional that the old style plastic inserts formerly used to line the truck bed. The spray on bedliner will provide durability and beauty to your truck bed. You can pack and store items that would damage your truck if you did not have the bedliner. The spray on bedliner also forms perfectly to your truck bed, not matter the shape or size, since it is sprayed in with a bedliner spray gun. Your bedliner will last for years and it is basically maintenance free!

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