May 21, 2024

Other Uses for Spray on Truck Bedliner Material

Spray gun for bedliner

Any truck owner will tell you that they want to protect their truck bed. Many of them will turn to spray on bedliners for a host of reasons. Homeowners and others have found a number of other ways the material can be used.

  1. You can make a koi pond. Many people like to add these to their yards because they are so relaxing. Whether you want to put koi fish or some other kind, you can use spray on bedliner material to do it. Basically, all you need to do is dig a hole in your yard and spray it with the bedliner. If you have a bedliner spray gun, this is very easy. You can buy pre-made ponds but you have little control over the shape and no control over the color. With the spray on bedliner material, you can create your own color and the shape is just limited by your own imagination.
  2. You can protect your tool boxes. It can be really hard to keep tool boxes in great shape. They are metal so they are vulnerable to rust, scratches and other damage. If you spray yours with spray on bedliner, you will prevent all of that and protect your tool box the same way the bedliner protects truck beds. The material is strong enough to handle the inevitable drops that will happen. And you know this is better than any of the rust protection products that are on the market today.
  3. Fix up your bikes. If you or your children use your bikes very much, you know how easy it is for them to get dented, scratches and those things lead to rusting. Spray on bedliners can protect a new bike or help refinish one that has already been beaten up. Few things are as strong and rugged as the material that is used in spray on truck liners. This will prevent denting and you can get the color you want.
  4. Protect your lawn furniture. Your lawn furniture gets a lot of wear and tear. If you keep it outside all summer (or all year in some parts of the country), it has to contend with fluctuations in temperature, rain, snow and sun. All cause damage that can be prevented if you use a spray on bedliner first. Many people buy and use spray on products to keep rust away but the bedliner material is much better at protecting your furniture. It is just more durable. Plus, wiretrim tape helps achieve a perfect edge in trucks and can do the same thing with lawn furniture.
  5. Fix up your fenders. There are a lot of DIY products that people use to get rid of dents and the like from their fenders. We would not have the term, “fender bender” if people did not have a problem keeping their fenders looking like new. It is easy to take out the dents but it is much harder to take out the scratches and other, smaller problems that people have with fenders. Enter your spray on bedliner. Spray it on and you no longer have to worry about getting scratches.
  6. Protect home doors. The spray on bedliner material can be used to protect both fiberglass and metal doors. The exterior doors to a home are often vulnerable to heavy use but also the elements. With the spray on bedliner material, you can prevent that damage from ever occurring. Truck owners use spray on bedliners because they are tough, they can handle a ton of abuse and laugh at the elements. If you apply them to your doors, you can kick them, bounce basketballs off of them and dish out whatever you want and they will not be affected.
  7. You can use that spray gun for truck bedliner for a lot of things, too. The spray gun can be used for large scale painting jobs both inside and outside of your home, you can repaint vehicles, stain large areas, like a deck or dock for your boat. This is a very versatile piece of equipment that is easy to use and to clean.

Spray on bedliners are clearly great for truck beds but they have a wide variety of practical uses all around the home.

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