June 12, 2024

Motor Oil What You Need to Know to Make the Right Purchase

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A car is one of the biggest purchases a person can make. With cars performing such crucial tasks for the average family, it is important to care for them and provide regular maintenance. Choosing the best motor oils for your specific vehicle can go a long way to ensuring your car runs smoothly with each passing year.

If you have ever had to purchase motor oil you know that their are many motor oil brands to choose from. It is therefore important to do some research on the best motor oils for each specific vehicle. A trusted mechanic can advise on what motor oil to use. Chances are they will be familiar with the vehicle in question and can therefor suggest the best motor oils for that specific model.

It is also important for car owners to understand viscosity gradings. Although some may think that the W that suffixes the different viscosity grades stands for weight, it actually designates the winter cold start level for that particular vehicle. If there is any confusion on this answers can be found both online and at car oil change locations.

Many will attempt to change their own car’s oil. Although possible, this can be a risky venture. Overfilling the oil in a car can result in the crankshaft dipping into the oil and churning air into the oil. Also, the professionals at oil change locations know how to properly dispose of the used motor oil produced by each vehicle. This is important because just one car’s used motor oil can taint nearly a million gallons of fresh water. When considering that in 2009 the worldwide production of used motor oil from cars totaled 3.7 billion gallons, this is an important part of any oil change to handle correctly.

When it comes time to get an oil change the best motor oils will be different for each car. Consulting professionals and trusted online sources will help to ensure that the best motor oils are purchased for each vehicle. Read more like this.

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