July 21, 2024

Let it Snow, Let it Blow, Let it Plow The Benefits of Using Heavy Duty Snow Plows for Professional Snow Removal

Angled snow pusher

Like most old men, Old Man Winter is a bit of grump. He can be absolutely relentless when it comes to dumping snow, ice, or a combination of both on those living in the colder parts of the United States and beyond. Not to mention the freezing whipping wind, shorter days, frigid temperatures that chill you to your bones, and of course, feet of snow. Yes, feet. For snowbirds that migrate south during the cold months of winter, it can be hard to believe — but easy to forget — how much snow actually falls up north. But in some areas of the country, such as Salt Lake City, Utah, Denver, Colorado, and Anchorage Alaska, eight feet of snow or more are ranked among their record high seasons!

Aside from being cold, wet, and mushy, snow presents many other challenges, especially for business owners. Snow fall often leads to a sharp increase in traffic accidents, delays in everyone’s daily commute, and a dramatic increase in personal injuries as a result of slips and falls.

As a homeowner, it’s easy to see why keeping up with snow removal is so important, especially if you have children or live with the elderly. As a business owner however, snow removal is even more important. You might be able to get away without shoveling your stairs or driveway for a day or two as a homeowner, but as a business owner, there can be serious consequences to not getting rid of snow as it falls.

So if you live in an area that has serious snow fall, it’s time to get serious about snow removal for the sake of your business as well as the patrons that visit it. There are so many things that business owners have to be aware of nowadays, from regularly updating their Facebook statuses, keeping with their digital marketing campaigns, and other day to day business operations needed to keep things running smoothly. This is done to attract new customers while retaining the ones you already have. But it’s equally important to remember to stay on top of the not so obvious things that are often forgotten nowadays, such as good old fashioned customer service and snow plow removal!

Nothing is more inviting — and safe — for your customers than a nicely plowed parking lot and clean sidewalks. That’s exactly where heavy duty snow removal equipment comes into play, such as heavy duty snow plows, snow pushers for loaders, and rubber edge snow plows. This kind of heavy duty equipment is necessary because it removes hard pack snow, revealing a cleaner, safer surface for your customers to walk and drive one.

For serious snow fall and accumulation, you have to use serious equipment, such as heavy duty snow plows. It’s worth spending the extra money to hire a professional snow removal contractor than to try to attempt snow removal yourself. Not only does this take valuable time away from your business, but you may lack the equipment necessary to remove snow safely and efficiently. Heavy duty snow plows are often used by professional snow removal contractors due to their durability and efficiency in removing snow. They get the job done quickly and safely, providing a snow free areas for customers to park. In terms of customer service, this really goes a long, long way.

You can’t afford to hire a snow removal contractor! Make sure to always hire a professional — better yet if they use quality snow removal equipment such as heavy duty snow plows. All it takes is one customer to slip and fall or get into an accident in your parking lot for your squeaky clean reputation to be tarnished. Furthermore, you may even be liable for paying for their injuries, as well as any pain and suffering if the customer decides to file a lawsuit.

All of this hassle and mess can be avoided by using a heavy duty snow plow for serious snow removal! Snow has to go!

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