June 12, 2024

Let a Professional Assess Your Injector Problem

New lb7 injector

Everyone wants to have a vehicle that works perfectly. It is understandable that problems will occur in a vehicle from time to time. One common problem area is the injector. An injector pumps fuel into the engine of a vehicle. In this post, you will learn common causes and fixes to many injector problems.

Causes of an Injector in Need of Repair

A properly working fuel injector should have proper pressure levels. An injector operating at 30,000 psi creates a mist of fuel that burns through the engine in an efficient manner. Injectors will wear out over time. The extent to which this wear occurs depends on many factors. One factor is type of injector you are using. It’s best to stick with high quality injectors to help ensure that you vehicle stays safe.

Another factor is how well your vehicle is maintained. Automobiles that skip out on the regular vehicle check ups will have a vehicle that isn’t operating at full efficiency. In turn, this leads to problems spreading throughout the vehicle. Damage to a vehicle can cause an injector to become cracked. A cracked injector can be especially hard to detect. It can take time and testing to perform tests depending in the year of the injector. For example, 2008 Duramax injectors may take slightly longer to fix than their 2007 counterpart.

One recent innovation is the electronic diesel engine. The diesel engine was invented over 100 years ago by a man named Rudolf Diesel. This type of engine is easily able to be hooked up to a device that scans the engine for any problems. However, this type of detection system isn’t always perfect. Not all tests for a diesel engine are done through the use of a scan tool. Another way to test a diesel engine is through the crank time test. It is common for an optimal injector to pump fuel within three to five seconds.

Common Steps to Replace an Injector

The next likely step is to replace the injector. Sometimes, this can get slightly tricky. In some cases, you will be able to find injectors that fit multiple vehicle years. For instance, someone needing 2008 Duramax injectors. It is a possibility that injectors are available for a range of years from 2006-2010. Therefore, 2006 Duramax injectors would be able to work. It’s best to let a professional assess your injector problem. Having a professional in charge helps to ensure you receive the right part.

In closing, an injector is definitely something you want to have taken care of. An injector is made to inject fuel into a vehicle. If you have an improperly working injector, it can cause a wide range of problems. For example, 2008 Duramax injectors might not pair well with a 2010 vehicle. You must find the right type of fix and replacement for your injectors. It is best to let a professional repair company handle these types of jobs. Having a green diesel engine is becoming more of a popular choice among consumers. Data collected in 2014 shows that nearly 490,000 clean diesel cars were sold.

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