July 21, 2024

Keep Your Belongings Safe and Secure With Quality Self Storage Units

Car storage systems

Do you need long term car storage for your classic car? Or perhaps you need several car storage units because you own both summer and winter recreational vehicles such as boats, motorcycles, or dirt bikes.

When you store your possessions in a professional storage unit, then you can rest assured that they won’t incur rust or other types of damage during inclement weather. Furthermore, when it’s the proverbial off-season, you can be assured your vehicles and other gear are ready for the next vacation.

While the benefits of having one or more self storage units may be obvious, here are just a few reasons:

    You can access your unit every day of the week.
    You can drive up to your unit to load and unload items.
    You can have your own personal storage space.

When you choose a high-quality self storage facility, many have added security measures such as electronic gates and guards.

If you’ve never had a self storage unit, here are a few storage unit tips:

    Look for a storage facility that allows you to have around-the-clock access seven days a week.
    Before signing the rental agreement, make sure to inspect your unit for any issues.
    Ask about extra security measures to ensure your belongings are safe.
    Be sure to take measurements to ensure you have the right size storage space.

When you consider that every U.S. household has approximately 21 square feet of storage space, it’s not surprising that these individual households may want–or need–additional space for their personal belongings.

Given that so many Americans engage in recreational activities with specialized equipment and vehicles, finding additional secure space to store these items can reduce clutter as well as prevent weather damage and potential theft.

There has actually been an increase in the number of people that choose to rent storage space. In fact, between the years of 1995-to-2012, there was a 65% increase. Fortunately, there is enough storage space to go around, as it is estimated there is 2.3 billion square feet available.

When looking for a convenient place to store and access your items, think about renting self storage units.

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