June 12, 2024

How Your Motor Oil Choice Can Affect the Environment Your Car Has

How often should i change my oil

When searching for the best motor oil for your car, people often overlook the benefits of recycled motor oil. Recycled motor oil can be the best motor oil for your car, because it is also much healthier for the environment. Different motor oils are rated on their viscosity by the Society of Automotive Engineers, so find the right viscosity and then try to pick a recycled motor oil of that viscosity. This is the answer for what is the best motor oil for your car.

Americans use a lot of motor oil. Every year, American drivers use 1.3 billion gallons of motor oil. If all this motor oil is thrown out, you can see how it would add up and be harmful to the environment. This recycled oil can be used to preserve energy elsewhere. Only 2 gallons of it can be used to power a home for 24 hours. Using recycled motor oil is just as effective as new motor oil, because motor oil doesn’t wear out. It only needs to be cleaned to be able to be used again. Another big benefit of recycled motor oil is that it reduces the amount of crude oil needed to make the motor oil. It takes 42 gallons to make 2.5 quarts of new motor oil. By comparison, it only takes one gallon of used motor oil to get 2.5 gallons of new motor oil.

Next time you go to your local shop for an oil change and are considering which motor oil is the best motor oil don’t forget about recycled motor oil. This can help preserve the environment and keep the Earth clean. This can be a worthwhile investment. Recycled motor oil is the best motor oil.

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