April 14, 2024

How storage can change the world

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We tend of think of large things as changing the world and maybe to a certain extent that’s true. Big things due tend to change the world and it’s the big things that garner the most attention, certainly. It’s the statues of liberty and the temples and the religions and the world leaders of our world that make the biggest headlines and inspire us. This is all well and good and there’s really nothing wrong with this. But it’s not always how the case goes. It’s the truth but it’s not the whole truth. There are other things in the world that create just as much inspiration or just as much truth or even just as much sense as these huge, grand important things. They are just a little harder to find, that’s all. Certainly, you wouldn’t think that something like secure car storage, winter car storage, long term car storage, car storage units or even self storage units in general could ever change the world. And maybe that’s right. There’s really nothing to say that such little, random things like self storage units can change the world. But it’s certainly hard to believe that they have no effect on people or history whatsoever. Because they exist, as much as everything else and nothing can take away from that. A woman can go to the self storage units and find something she never expected and have her mind changed. This woman could go on to be a great artist that influences another young woman who goes on to become a world leader or a great scientist. The problem with the world is that it is all connected. But the funny thing is that this problem is also the solution. It just takes a little while longer to see the connections.

    Starting at the very beginning
    Let’s take a closer look at this idea, shall we? It’s certainly not something that’s easy to understand. It’s deep and and dark and difficult and involves a lot of moving parts all at once. So, in light of this, let’s look at a concrete example. There is a woman somewhere in the United States named Karin. Now Karin lives somewhere in the Midwest near Chicago. Her father has just recently died after a long battle with cancer which is, of course, never fun. But she bore it well and was with him at the end. He was an ordained minister and spent his life struggling with his faith. This was a whole other story that influenced Karin while she was growing up but, for the purposes of brevity, we cannot tell it here. Suffice it to say, Karin has a very nuanced understanding of the humanities and, while she herself is an atheist, she respected her fathers beliefs to the utmost. Before he succumbed to his illness, he gave Karin a note that had a specific address and number on it. Karin had no idea what this meant, of course. Not at first. But, after a few weeks of grieving, she knew she had to find out what the note meant. So she went to the address.
    The second part of the story
    That day it was raining but only lightly. It was like a mist that floated up from the bottom of the ground, not the other way around. Karin saw for the first time that the address she had gone to was a bunch of self storage units which was confusing for her because she didn’t know her dad had owned any storage units. But she, as we are right now, felt the pull of something very important, so she went on and asked the guard at the gate about where the right storage was for the number on the note. The guard takes her there and shows her how to open it. For a second, Karin hesitates but then she opens it and finds it nearly empty except for a painting of a black, jagged mountain. She has no idea what it means but a dream prompts her to write a novel that becomes a bestseller. And, after this, the future begins to change yet again.

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