April 14, 2024

How Safe Is the Glass In Your Car?

If you’re wondering about how safe the glass in your car is, this is the video for you. It poses the question: does the glass in your car keep you safe in case of an accident? And what is different about auto glass from a regular glass you’d use for drinking water? It goes into the science of it all and provides information that could be useful next time you need car window replacement.

The video first establishes what everyday glass is. It comes from sand that’s been heated at extremely high temperatures — at least 2800 degrees Fahrenheit! The glass in your car windshield is much stronger than regular glass, being able to withstand over 2000 pounds of force! It doesn’t shatter like normal glass when force is applied, it just breaks.

There are actually two panes of glass in your windshield, with a layer of vinyl between.

Video Source

You can ask your mechanic about it next time you go in for car window repairs! The vinyl makes everything stick together.

Car windows are different from the glass in your windshield. It doesn’t have the layer of vinyl between, and when it breaks, it does so in small pebble-sized pieces, to keep your face safer. This glass is formed and made safe by a process called “tempering.”

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