July 21, 2024

How Even the Smallest Windshield Cracks Reduce Safety

Updated 5/9/22.

Need windshield repair? Here are a few considerations to ensure you choose a reputable automotive glass repair company for your windshield and side window sun shade needs.

Expert Auto Glass Technicians
Ensure the individuals working on your windshield possess the necessary experience. When getting your windshield repaired, you depend on professionals to keep you and your family safe.

Proper Gear
Windshield chip repair companies can’t guarantee a windshield will be correctly installed or calibrated unless they have the right equipment. In many cases, windshields are not calibrated on-site.

Quality Auto Glass
Of course, your windshield quality matters. Ensure your window repairer employs high-quality glass for safety and longevity.

Quick Service
You don’t want to be without your car for too long just because your windshield is being fixed. Good windshield repair companies should be fast, but not by cutting corners. You should be back on the road in an hour or two.

While you don’t want to sacrifice safety for costs, you also don’t want to get ripped off. Ensure you are only charged for what you came for and not for unasked-for “extras.” If your auto glass repair specialist provides any windshield deals, take advantage of them.

Customer Care
A stressful circumstance like replacing a windshield shouldn’t be exacerbated by harsh or unfriendly treatment. From your initial phone conversation or email to driving your restored car out of the shop, the glass company you hire should be pleasant to deal with.

You may be wondering, “can I perform windshield repair at my home?” While you can do it, it is always advisable to leave such tasks to the professionals.

Auto glass repair

We have all been there. You are driving along, listening to music, and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. All of a sudden, the car in front of you picks up a loose pebble and it shoots back at your vehicle. You hear the little ding and then immediately notice a tiny crack in your windshield. You shrug and continue on with your daily commute. However, a couple of months later, and that tiny crack has expanded across your windshield. It seems like every time you get in your vehicle, it gets even longer. Many drivers do not realize that driving around with a cracked windshield can be dangerous.

Obstructs your view

Once the auto glass crack begins to spread, it can spread over your view. This can affect your ability to see a clear road ahead of you. In poor weather conditions or busy traffic, it could even cause an auto accident. In some states, driving with a majorly cracked auto glass can warrant you a traffic violation ticket. Although very small cracks may not lead to you getting a ticket, the cracks can spread very quickly. According to the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard, windshield replacement is recommended is the diameter of the damage is more than one inch when located in the driver?s viewing area.

Can increase the chance of additional cracks

Once your auto glass is cracked, it becomes prone to additional cracks. If you skip your auto glass repair because the first crack has not yet spread, you are likely to require a full windshield replacement if you suffer another crack. In fact, technicians will often recommend windshield replacement if a repair is within 4 inches of another. Replacing an entire windshield is more expensive than a windshield repair service. Always have your auto glass repaired at the first sign of even the smallest crack.

Reduces the safety of your auto glass

A crack in your windshield impairs the structural makeup of it. In a rollover crash, the windshield accounts for 60% of a car cabin?s structural integrity. The windshield also protects the driver from head on collisions. However, when you have even the smallest crack in your windshield, the safety is severely diminished. In fact, the smallest of cracks can cause the windshield to be a safety problem. If you are involved in an auto accident, the windshield is much more likely to break, causing glass damage to both the vehicle and the driver.

How to repair your cracked windshield

Because a cracked windshield can affect the safety of your vehicle, it is important to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Fortunately, you will find many repair opportunities available. Most auto repair shops will repair or replace a windshield for an affordable price. You will also find windshield repair setups in retail and grocery store parking lots. The good thing about repairing a windshield is that if you carry auto insurance, it may be covered by your provider. Inquire with your insurance provider on how to repair your windshield. They will send you to approved repair centers.

Most drivers have experienced a cracked windshield at some point or another. Unfortunately, it is just a normal part of everyday driving. Although it may be tempting to put off windshield repairs, this can be a mistake when it comes to safe driving. Ignoring windshield cracks can obstruct your driving view, can cause additional windshield cracks to occur, and can reduce the overall integrity of your auto glass. It is also going to be more cost effective to schedule immediate repairs. If you wait too long, you may be required to replace the entire windshield.

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